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Aug 7, 2015
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Guys, I was reading about the FAA registration and it's required just for American citizens. I'm from Brazil and I'like to know if I need to do something to fly in USA. Anyone know?
if you have a valid address in the US and you fly a drone, citizen or not of the US you should register or you could face a fine if you get caught. Better ask. However, if you are an illegal alien in hiding you better not fly at all and I mean that with respect.
Yes, if you come to the USA (on vacation or otherwise) with a drone that meets the requirements you must register it. Use the same online method that we all use.

Q11. Are non-U.S. citizens visiting the United States on vacation or for drone competitions required to register?

Everyone, including foreign nationals and tourists, who operate a UAS for hobby or recreational purposes outdoors in the U.S. must use the FAA's online registration system. These non-U.S. citizens or non-permanent U.S. residents will receive the same registration certificate as U.S. Citizens or permanent U.S. residents. However, this certificate will function as a "recognition of ownership" document. This document is required by the Department of Transportation for foreign nationals to operate legally in the US.
Can you post the link not just the text
that has changed since I read their FAQ
it did read non us citizens COULD NOT register
Wow yeah that changed, I had a feeling it would have to
it was worded weird this makes way more sense

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