Controller Disconnect->Operator Error

May 26, 2015
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Went for 5th flight this morning. Was pleased to see video stream on Camera Time Lapse/10 sec interval on GP. Cool! Then right before take-off the dreaded "Controller Disconnect" warning. Restarted app, restarted Solo, restarted Controller,,,and again! On further inspection I noticed that Both antennas were parallel to the Controller. During my preparation and AFTER my pre-flight I had set the Controller down for a few seconds at which time the antennas were moved from their flight position to the "stowed" position. Set antennas at proper flight position,,,and a PERFECT flight. Flies like a dream. I like T/O's and Landing manually as I think its fun but did an RTH, Solo came back and started a landing, took control back at 50',,,awesome. Think I got some great pics of sunrise. Oh, previously when pre-flighting I noticed the thumd screws on the antennas easily became loose. Tighten securely during pre-flight to avoid a possible in-flight problem.
David, having a hard time getting a visual on what you are talking about.

But it should make very little difference on how the antennas are pointed at take-off as you are so close. The only week point of the antennas are directly off the end.

I suppose if the antennas are folded across each other that could make a difference. Is that what you are referring to?
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They were rotated pointing the the right, flush with the back of the Controller, and almost touching tip of left to base of right. Of course, I don't know for certain if that was the problem but as soon as I re-oriented them never had another problem.
Yea hard to say David They are phased dipoles. I assume 1/4 wave but don't know for sure. They could interact close together but I really would not expect to notice that until you got out a couple hundred feet.

But lets hope that's it and you have no connectivity issues.

I will do some serious testing when I get mine Monday. I am a distance guy and as you might guess from my website link I play with antennas as well :)

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