conecting solo.

May 4, 2015
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i read somewhere on this forum and i can't find it now.
sombody said somthing about conecting the solo and waiting 5 minutes.
please send me a link to where this is posted and explain.
what this is all about.
thx Don
Hope this helps

You shouldn't need to power-cycle Solo (the vehicle) during the update. Let the update run its course. When the controller shows that the update is complete, that's actually only for the controller - Solo may still be finishing its update, so you don't want to switch it off. A few customers have power-cycled Solo too early, and wound up needing to factory-reset their system. Only power-cycle Solo if the update has been going for more than 5 minutes, and Solo is in a state where the LEDs on the arms haven't been changing colors at all for a couple minutes.
If you DO think you need to do a reset to factory settings, give the controller and Solo one more power-cycle before you do, just to be sure.
The current draft of the manual doesn't make it clear enough that whenever you do a reset to factory settings, you should reset BOTH the controller and vehicle and make sure the reset is complete before you update.
Where the manual refers to Solo's LEDs flashing orange in the description of factory reset (9.7.2), that's actually referring to an orange LED that you can see if you look into the little hold labeled PAIR - not the arm LEDs.
If you do reset Solo and the controller to factory settings, you must re-pair them before doing the software update. Even if the controller is showing the "preflight update" screen, you can pair them. If you want to know if the controller and vehicle are paired, connect to the WiFi (the controller is the hotspot) tap the menu -> settings -> Solo. If you can enter the "Solo" menu, Solo is connected, and they are paired.
If you're performing a factory reset on Solo and it gets to a point (several minutes into the process) where it's just sitting there for several minutes with the arm LEDs showing a lavender color and not changing, power-cycle Solo. I just tried this on my kitchen table with a from-the-factory unit, and after that power cycle, Solo started up with green LEDs, made a startup sound, and after a minute or so was showing the blue/red LEDs meaning it's ready.
I hope this helps! Our actual support team will be back in Monday, and in the meantime some of us from the product and flight teams will be answering what we can.

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