Autopano Giga and 360 hemi pano (stills)

Sep 20, 2016
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Hi, I have a few sick coral reef panos with 11 images from the app. Can anyone shed some light on the settings in autopano giga to produce a hemisphere 360 panorama suitable for facebook? What is the specified projection setting? Any other tips? I have forced it to look at all 11 images but still the overlap is not working and there is reef in the sky...

I've done it once before and it was awesome and it uploaded perfect to facebook (

this is what i have to offer....


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-add your images
-if you used a different lens, go to image properties and set focal length and lens type. so for me with a 3.8mm rectilinear lens, i choose 3.8mm and Standard
-run auto detect
-edit pano
-check the projection. autopano is very good about auto detecting the correct projection. if you took a cylindrical pano with solo, the projection should be cylindrical. this is a standard pano (big rectanglular photo). this can also be turned to a 'little big planet'. if you took a spherical pano with solo, the projection should be spherical. this is a 360 pano
-auto crop - if you don't autocrop, there will be an empty spot in the sky. so either leave the empty spot, auto crop to crop it out or add a sky in photoshop.
-render - *if its for Facebook, bring the output size down to 39-40megapixals by using the percentage slider.

Facebook Note: if you edit the rendered photo in photoshop or lightroom, you may lose the exif required for Facebook to recognize the pano as 360. if this happens, manually edit the exif and set the Make to RICOH and set Model to RICOH THETA S.
Legend thank you Frank, I was sort of on the right track, I am using a peau 3.18 so what you have said about the lens profile has cracked it. Once I get it up I'll post a link to share :)

for some reason its still not connecting the edges, would you advise not using a PL filter?


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