1. J

    Drone Pan for Solo

    Slick software
  2. T

    Autopano Giga and 360 hemi pano (stills)

    Hi, I have a few sick coral reef panos with 11 images from the app. Can anyone shed some light on the settings in autopano giga to produce a hemisphere 360 panorama suitable for facebook? What is the specified projection setting? Any other tips? I have forced it to look at all 11 images but...
  3. Rex Barlow

    Window's photo gallery does good job panorana

    Window's photo gallery panorama create. free
  4. franknitty69

    Pano Mode for Solo — Deep Dive

    Oren Schauble from 3DR breaks down the new Pano Mode in Solo 2.4. Its IOS only at the moment. Android is coming soon. no one knows when it coming. Pano Mode for Solo — Deep Dive — 3D Robotics
  5. franknitty69

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano

    Experimental Smart Shot #1 Pano 3DR Dev, Jason Short created an experimental Smart Shot called Pano. I've had a chance to test it and its nothing short of amazing. And the way he implemented it allows anyone to create a smart shot and utilize the controller to invoke it. Balk Hill Pano by...