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  1. bttmdwlr

    Oct 22, 2017
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    Aaahhhh how frustrating.
    All of a sudden I started getting the waiting message that never goes away.
    So far I have:removed the controller battery for 3 minutes reseated said battery rebooted to the same message.

    Next i removed and reseated with hot glued the SD card rebooted the solo and controller to the same message.

    Next I bought a new controller. When it arrived i charged it fully reset the solo and controller.
    Amazing controller said found new solo so i pressed the a b combination,it paired. I then used the solo app to update and that wen smoothly until the the screen says "solo and the controller are ready" to receive the update all you have to do is press BEGIN the transfer..
    So i press BEGIN only to have the phone tell me it does not detect the solo/ please check to assure that the two devices are connected. Well why wouldnt they be still connected ?
    There is no wreck history or hard landings on the drone and the problem just started
    Any one out there have any suggestions for this PLEASE.

    missing information. the controller has a solid red a solid green and an orange that flashes at 2 x a second
    the solo starts up and all the light sequences are good up to the green x4 cause the led's flash 2 times then go red rear(see photo) and pale BLUE in front. When i try a hard reset the solo gives a flashing orange light but it never pairs.

    any sound advise would be greatly appreciated
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  2. Mike Boland

    Nov 15, 2015
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    This happens when the SD card is not seated properly and cant be read.
    It is a bit of a pain to do but you need to open up the Solo and get to the board where the SD card is and tale it out and reseat it.
    Usually some glue holding it in so it is a bit of surgery but not that difficult
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  3. desert ratl

    Oct 30, 2017
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    clean the contacts too on both sides of your conectors