Aerial documentation with insta360 ONE X2 360 degree video camera attached to a 3DR Solo

Aug 4, 2016
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I have developed a way to attach the new X2 under a Solo, so that the Solo can be launched and landed with minimal Operator stress and risk to either the Solo or the camera. The Solo does not show in the 360 video except well "above" (where it can be masked out if needed). (The attachment has not been designed to fit a DJI product.)

My primary business is providing aerial information, high-accuracy 3D models and measurement data to shoreline property owners who are experiencing erosion and other property damage from stronger, more frequent storms. True 360 degree videos offer unique advantages over traditional, operator-guided aerial videos or photos. Control over where the camera "points" is returned to the viewer... Fewer, shorter flights are required to cover an area. Less editing post-flight. Faster turnaround to customers/clients/managers. Less guessing by the drone operator, about where to send the drone, where to point the drone/camera, and how to best frame video or still shots.

If you have an established company which is providing aerial information services, or you are embedded in a government department, AEC firm or other larger organization which appreciates the unique benefits which aerial 360 degree video clips can provide for damage or project progress monitoring, you are welcome to send a PM for details.

As a side note about other applications of the X2, you may be interested in this blog post about how Skanska is using the X2 in a different way. Here is another example.

The release of the X2 caused me to pull my Solos out of a closet and put them into service again. Finally there is a lighter weight, 360 video camera with sufficient video quality for documentation purposes.


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