Abused Iris+

Aug 6, 2017
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I just bought a used drone on eBay. Some of you probably saw it and even bid on it. I received it today and discovered some of the surface damage. Supposedly it flys but I haven't had a chance to try it yet as I don't have the battery charging cable. If anyone has a spare, let me know. Somebody used some super glue on it and I had a hard time getting the front light off to put it in a new battery cover. But I did.
The top cover was cracked indicating it landed pretty hard upside down and one of the original feet was broken. But it came with replacement legs.
This is my first Iris and I'm thinking I need to go through this pretty thoroughly before I try to put it in the air. It does have the frsky telemetry device and I have no clue what that is. Maybe someone can educate me.
It looks like I bought a challenge but I'm very interested in putting this thing back together and learning how to fly it. I just bought a new cover, top, and bottom as well as a new battery, legs and a couple of other things from Northox. I was surprised to find they had some of the parts I need.
I've started a drone photography business and have two Solo's that are a joy to fly. I don't see using this one for drone photography right now, not having flown it yet. But it might turn out to be a workhorse.
So far I haven't opened it up to see whats inside. That's next. Who knows what I will find?
Any advice on how to restore this one would be greatly appreciated. If there are upgrades that I need to know about that would be helpful as well.

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