1. D

    Iris+ 915 newbie question

    Hello. i am newbie and iris+ is my first personal drone but ive been flying with my classmate's RTF drone. So here is it. I bought an iris+ for 500$ is it much for an iris+ 915 today? it doesnt include a gimbal and camera in the 500$. next question, what is the best gimbal for iris+ a 2d or...
  2. B

    Found 3DR IRIS+ w/Hero 3+

    I found a 3DR IRIS+ with a GoPro Hero 3. The owner flew it into a tall closed building back in 2015. Now at Oct 2017, the building was entered for restoration and on the top level we found the drone. I have contacted GoPro support and left my email address for the device serial number in case...
  3. 6

    Abused Iris+

    I just bought a used drone on eBay. Some of you probably saw it and even bid on it. I received it today and discovered some of the surface damage. Supposedly it flys but I haven't had a chance to try it yet as I don't have the battery charging cable. If anyone has a spare, let me know. Somebody...
  4. V

    New Android Gaming App specially for 3DR Iris+

    Hi All, I really like my Iris+ so I created an android app just for this drone to make it more fun and interactive Link for the APP: DroneAcharya - Android Apps on Google Play Link to the intro video: This is a first ever app which uses a real drone and present users with stages what they...
  5. Global_Saffer

    Import GPS Data from Columbus V990 to Photoscan

    I have a Columus V990 that I've attached to my Iris+, in hopes of getting logs to use in Photoscan. I've tried but can't seem to get the data to import to Photoscan. I've exported to as many different formats as I can see, but no dice when trying to import in photoscan. Does anyone have any...
  6. T

    Help Needed - how to install a Tarot T-3D Gimbal on my brand new Iris+

    Help Needed - how to install a Tarot T-3D Gimbal on my brand new Iris+ Anyone with a tutorial? thanks
  7. clackey

    3DR'S 3D Printable IRIS+

    "3DR is a company at the heart of the open source movement, and in light of the Made for Solo Project they are releasing their fully 3D printable drone - The IRIS+ - to the MyMiniFactory community. MyMiniFactory users will be able to download the files for this drone completely free of charge...
  8. R

    3dr Shops in Europe

    I am new to 3dr and have just purchased an Iris+ however I am struggling to find somewhere in Europe that stocks the Tarot Gimbal to fit, any links or ideas would be great. So far I have just found one very overpriced one on US ebay that will post to the uk. Cheers
  9. Emperor_Nimbus

    Where get retractable landing gear for Iris+

    Hello How is everybody? Any ideas where to get reliable retractable landing gear? Thanks EN
  10. T

    3DR NO RETURN / NO EXCHANGE POLICY on Iris+ @ Fry's!

    Has anyone heard or know more about this? I purchased a 3DR Iris+ on 10-4-15 from Fry's. I drove over an hour to get the location and as soon as I walked into the lobby I got a call that my oldest daughters water had just broken and my first grandson was on his way! I rushed back to the camera...