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  1. foleyaerialservices

    Apr 21, 2017
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    Brand New 3DR Solo Drone w/ Sony Camera. Never used, still in original packing. Was given to me by 3DR for being one of the first Site Scan users, but have since decided to get out of that side of the business and have no use for it.

    Asking Price: $3,000.00 & will ship wherever is needed.

    Package Includes:
    - Solo Drone
    - Sony UMC-R10C Camera
    - Extra Zoom Lens
    - 3 Batteries
    - 2 Chargers
    - Rolling Hard Carrying Case
    - 8 Props
    - Remote Controller
    - All other factory components

    Requires a Site Scan License that can be purchased separately. The entire package from 3DR is around $12,000, so you would be getting a tremendous discount by purchasing the hardware separate. If you need additional information feel free to send me an email at tatefoley@foleyaerialservices.com. Thanks!
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