3DR Solo batteries

May 8, 2018
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For sale is a set of (7) 3DR solo smart batteries. (5) of them are used and I recall them all giving decent to good flight times, but that was a couple of years ago. (2) are NIB, never even taken out of the plastic. All batteries have been stored indoors at appropriate temperatures and voltages but are sold as-is. $130 + shipping for the lot of them.
how much to ship to 28612 or How much do they weigh and I can figure it up.
Also do you take PayPal?
Yes I prefer Paypal. I'll get a total shipping weight tomorrow and let you know.
Can I please buy them all, I desperately need some new batteries please let me know. Happy to pay for shipping to Australia. Worse case split the batteries with the user above half each 1 new each and then 3 or 2 used. Happy to take all or some.
If he will contact me I will buy them all and then ship you a new one then 3 used and you just pay for the batteries and shipping and I will send them to you. Looks like it will be $18.57 per battery. We have a shipping department at work. I will let you know if or when I get them. He is one day shipping from me so it would get here very quick.
The box weighed more than my scale could handle, it tops out at 100oz. I believe it will be around 160oz. The box is 12x9x4.5"

Trell I sent you a PM
For some reason I can't reply to our conversation. Shipping will be $40, bringing the total to $170. If this is agreeable my paypal is [email protected]
Great Would be awesome if you could mail me one of the new batteries please ? Just let me know how much for shipping to Melbourne Australia, I’ll take the used batteries if you don’t need or want them but best to send them seperate... customs won’t allow 3 batteries all together due to terror laws here. Really just need to the new one ASAP
Hi is it any dead battery remaining? Can you consider to detach the electronic boards (BMS and lead board) and sell them separately as I do not need cells and boxes.Thus shipment to france would be possible as cells cannot fly over the "creek". If yes please quote (3 needed). Thanks in advance

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