1. S

    Controller charger

    Hey guys, Just purchased a used 3dr solo and turns out it didn’t come with the charger for the controller. I asked the guy about it and he said he’d never need to charge it and it didn’t come with one when he bought it from someone else. So is anyone selling a charger or know where I can buy...
  2. F

    Solo compatible tablet mount

    Just ordered the Solo with gimble. Does anyone know if it comes with a mount for the transmitter for either a smartphone or tablet, or do I have to order separately? Thanks.
  3. Roger Caplan

    remote transmitter antennas

    I'd like to move the transmitter's antennas roughly 20-30ft away from the transmitter body, allowing me to 1) sit in a warm car and 2) put the antennas on a mast so they can clear some nearby trees I have 800mw Mikrotik wifi cards in the transmitter and solo. I've also just ordered 2 Sunhans 3W...

    Transmission OK, but GoPro File Image NOK when in Solo

    Hi Guys. Need someone to help me with that. I did not find any information regarding same problem in this forum. Thanks for all support. GoPro Hero 3+ is filming OK when is not mounted on Solo Gimbal. Transmission is OK and very good when flying. Image generated from MP4 file is with 90%...

    GoPro transmitting Ok to the App but not Shooting

    Hi Folks, I just pass through some threads about gopro issues but I couldnt find infos about the problem I am having with my GoPro H3 Blck. I was used to fly with a H4 Blck, but the camera is not functionaI now and I am trying to fly with a Hero3Black (all updated). I though It was just a...
  6. S

    unable to get video from Tx hdmi port

    I have latest software and firmware and now I can't get video from TX HDMI pro. I either get the word 'booting.....' or I just get the 3DR logo on my external monitor? This used to work just fine with previous firmware and app. Ay ideas why with the latest firmware this happens. Video is fine on...
  7. D

    TH9x New Transmitter Model

    I have the Iris+ with the FS TH9X Transmitter. The transmitter came with the Iris+ installed on it. Can I add another model to this transmitter? How or what do I need to do to do this? I did read about a Smartie Parts card (SP Basic (9X Programmer) [SPBASIC] - $18.90 : to add...
  8. Ian [P13]

    Controller Error / Stick Calibration YouTube Tutorials

    I've just spotted tutorials for the stick calibration on YouTube so if you ever need to do this the solution is here: PC: Mac:
  9. Soul Patch Films

    Transmitter tray

    Is any body using a transmitter tray? What have you found that works well with the Solo?
  10. Ian [P13]

    Better WiFi connection in the next release - Important Update

    The next firmware will improve your WiFi in many circumstances, the changes from hostapd are in there along with other changes made to improve the link connection. This means the hostapd mod is no longer necessary, if you read the first post on the that, I've included a command I'm told will...