1. S

    3DR Apps fail at sending support ticket

    I've got a "calibration error" on an new solo (3 short flights) and have been trying to submit a support ticket through the app (both ios and android) for the past 3 days. Each time it gets to what appears to be the end of the progress bar and then says that the support ticked could not be...
  2. I

    Solo customer Service

    I submitted a ticket and logs for my Solo back in March. All that I have been receiving is auto reply emails. All of my previous experience with 3dr customer service has been quick and helpful. Anyone have any ideas or experience recently with their "Support" team?
  3. e-Wheelchair

    Disabled Individuals and Veterans flying ' Solo '

    Hi to all members, As you are probably aware I am a Disability Advocate for Veterans and others with ' Debilitating Health Conditions '! Working with the 3dr Solo Drone and my custom made interface for Mind, Voice, Gesture and SmartGlasses Control. 3D Robotics have sponsored my work with a...
  4. AirCanada

    3Dr Support, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

    At the beginning of April I finally had my first flight with the Solo. It was very good! The setting on the 4 Black were perfect and the 3D gimble performed great. The flight was 18 minutes. My problem was that the battery meter on my Ipad mini never went lower than 100% for the solo. I...
  5. V

    Support Changes

    Hi all, so I've seen some posts about the new support hours and channels and I just want to step in here drop some words equestrian. Count On Me - 3DR is still here and will continue to be here. We're working on some exciting HW and SW releases for 2016 for Solo. We'll be at NAB with guns...
  6. S

    No response from Tickets submitted via the web.

    I am unable to submit tickets via the solo app and can't be bothered signing up to facebook, twitter, google and all that other claptrap. So i submit tickets via the 3DR web site. The only problem is that not one of my tickets have been responded to. The only time I get support is when I get up...
  7. egodinho

    Solo Support are down

    Guys, did you see all pages from Solo support are down?