solo gimbal

  1. S

    Gimbal fails occasionally

    I thought I had a connection problem- there would occasionally be no picture when I powered up my Solo. Bought a new gimbal- it worked fine for a little bit.Then, while in flight, the gimbal would shut off, and the camera would go sideways. I’d land and restart, and the gimbal was fine. This is...
  2. D

    Solo Gimbal shake on yaw

    I bought a Gimbal for my 3DR Solo a couple of days ago new from Amazon. I tested it for a first time today and realised that there is a nasty shake on the yaw, I have tried moving any cables that could be touching the Gimbal away from it, factory resetting it and re calibrating everything on the...
  3. Redcon1

    Hero3 Black/Solo gimbal should have video. Right?

    It's just a Hero3 Black, not a +, I have confirmed that the camera works on my TV and I have video if I bypass the gimbal and connect straight to the motherboard via the HDMI cable. When the gimbal is thrown in, I just get black screen. To be clear, brand new from the box gimbal, never got a...
  4. P

    How to update Solo Gimbal firmware ?

    Hello! Noob here; my gimbal has been acting up and for sure needs an update; just am unsure of how to do so - please help Much appreciate
  5. S

    No Video Feed On Solo Gimbal

    Hello, first off i would like to say i know that there are a lot of threads already on this topic and have read through dozens of them and tried everything that ive came across with no luck. That being said please DON'T recommend trying any common easy fixes like restarting, checking the cable...
  6. Griffin Umbrella Co

    Flying Solo Around Washington

    We are new to 3DR Pilots and have just discovered this Photos and Videos section so we figured we would post a few of our videos. EDIT 4/27/2016: We just figured we would update this post with some new content! We love our Solo and have named her Cinderella! To see updates on our progress...
  7. kneel23

    Gimbal for sale

    Just checking again if anyone wants a brand new-in-box Solo Gimbal. Probably would let it go for about $350. Paypal preferred US shipping only unless you want to help me with the shipping costs if you are outside US. Trying here one last time since I hate eBay and craigslist users are all...
  8. Michael Grancell

    3DR Solo, Gimbal, GoPro 4 Black, GPC case, Backpack+++

    IMG_0001 by Michael Grancell posted Nov 12, 2015 at 11:42 AM 3DR Solo for sale. Like new. Extras. Need bigger lift platform. Extremely fair deal. $1,850 3DR Solo with Gimbal. Never crashed, flipped, or hard landings. Works flawlessly. One of the good ones. GoPro Hero 4 Black 4K camera with...
  9. Doug Benson

    I too have a Brand NEW Solo gimbal for sale.

    Hmmm... Any one still looking or need a spare? Brand New in the UN-opened box straight from the factory! This was a duplicate order made when I thought another order got cancelled. Took SOOOO long I forgot about it until today when it finally showed up.o_O $350 Shipped anywhere in the mainland...
  10. R3AP37

    Getting the most out of the Hero3+ black edition

    Hello Guys and Gals. Received my Gimbal yesterday morning and after having a bit of a mash up getting it to sit properly it looked as if it worked fine. I followed the guide on getting the best setup for the Hero 4, since I don't have 4k I settled on 2.7k at 30fps. Here are the results, I...
  11. Projeffrey11

    GoPro Hero-4 Black overheating with Gimbal

    Hi everybody I received my 3DR Solo gimbal last Saturday and just recently yesterday I started experiencing really bad video feed latency and all together my GoPro randomly freezing up where I have to ground my bird to reset manually by hand, has anybody experienced any such thing? I've been...
  12. V

    Expert Drones Has the Gimbal's In-Stock Now

    Hey guys, has the gimbal in stock and have been shipping them to their customers who pre-ordered. 3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 - In Stock They have a few left over still. velicov
  13. Projeffrey11

    It's official I'm getting my gimbal next week from Fry's Electronics the wait is almost over.

    Got a call from customer service from Fry's Electronics this morning they said I should be getting my gimbal next Wednesday or Thursday maybe sooner they've been informed of a shipment on the way to the store I knew it was only a matter of time since a couple days ago a Fry's store in Arizona...
  14. M

    Gimbal failing during flight

    i installed the new gimbal on my solo and in flight in randomly turns off (red lights on the gimbal flashing) and then returns to normal several seconds later. I have uninstalled the gimbal and reinstalled several times, as well as updating all firmware for solo and go pro. I've re calibrated...
  15. Jubalr

    Solo Gimbal Test..

    My first test of basic functions with the new 3dr GImbal on the Solo. Wind was light at 5-10mph. Temp was 87 at 6pm. GoPro Hero 4 Bk 1920x1080. Peau 4.35mm lens (yes there is slight discoloration in the corners). I'm no pro video editor..just the basics. No form of stabilization was done on this...