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  1. C

    Tower and Solo apps

    Does anyone have extensive experience with Tower that can maybe explain what happened? Here goes: I was testing out the Tower app and had loaded a survey grid, launched and solo went up to about 30 feet and hovered but did not continue on its mission. I couln't figure out if there was another...
  2. M

    Hello again, trouble signing in with email on solo app.

    Hello everyone! So here's the problem everyone, I was helping a new solo drone owner setting up his drone and he couldn't use his gmail to login to the 3DR app. He was using the correct information and even reset his password to make sure with no luck at all. Sooo, I logged out of my details on...
  3. R

    LG G Pad 7.0 Solo app not compatible. Solex works fine.

    Yes, I did search before posting and didn't see anything too recent nor really related. I just upgraded to a LG G Pad 7.0 VK-410 (not the newer F7.0). It's running Android 5.0.2. It will not run the Solo app saying that Solo app is not compatible with that model. That surprised me in that I...
  4. D

    Please help!!! My Solo App says me: "Waiting to hear from Solo" - and so constantly!

    Hello! I from Russia, I bought a new Solo with delivery from the US. I encountered with the following problem: When I go in flymode Solo app constantly writes that: "Waiting to hear from Solo". Connects to 2 seconds, and then is disconnected again and so constantly. If you do not go into...
  5. Dave Folts

    Drone Aviator hood for Solo App tablet

    The biggest issue I've had piloting my Solo is sun glare off the tablet screen...and that screen is critical to mission accomplishment and safe ops. So I just got my Hoodman Aviator hood for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8". Check out the pics. Can't wait to check it out on the next sunny day in...
  6. D

    Solo App: Record button is grey

    Why i cant press the record button in the solo app? Sometimes, when i take out the Go Pro, it hung. Anybody facing this issue? camera: Go Pro Hero 4 : Black gimbal: Installed sotware: Updated 2.1.0 Go Pro Version: Latest
  7. LarryF

    Downloading Maps with the Solo App

    Many times in the field when flying, you don't have an Internet connection. You can pre-download maps in the Solo App and use them later without an Internet connection. However, you can't pre-download maps from Google. You need to use maps from Mapbox (which most are Google maps anyway). This...
  8. Daniel Lang

    Kindle Fire Solo App

    I just bought a Kindle Fire that I intend to use for my Solo Drone. Kindle Fire runs Android, yet, when I try to download the Solo App for Android, I get an incompatible with your device message that also references an old Verizon tablet that was broken. Is the Solo for Android app only...
  9. B

    Gopro not responding reliably to the app

    Hi to all, I am having an issue with my GPH3b not recording when the app indicates it is. The app record button is flashing but the camera tally light is not flashing and it is not recording. In another instance, when the record button was pressed, it changes to a small square then...
  10. TheMightyThor

    no Map Download After GoPro Update 1.3.0

    having trouble saving maps in the Solo APP? after updating for the goPro changes, i no longer see the bar at the bottom of the screen after tapping the download arrow. How ever if i click in the area the download bar should be i hear it click, then i see a map saved message, i do not see the...
  11. D

    solo app indicates GoPro update required

    Solo app is telling me that GoPro needs an update to work with gimbal (got this error msg yesterday on two different Hero 4 Black cameras after both had worked fine the day before). Updates for camera (I'd done the Sept pre-gimbal one) don't seem available. Can't get app to talk to solo and...