1. Han Solo

    Solo Bundle for Sale

    Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3 GoPro batteries and external charger, GoPro touch...
  2. S

    3DR solo package, 3 batteries and backpack with GoPro and gimbal

    3dr solo perfect condition flys great! No issues whatsoever. Comes with gimbal and GoPro Hero 4 Black Plenty of extras. -12 spare props -spare charger for controller and solo batteries (2 of each) -spare controller -4 batteries (1 is a dud the rest are flying 10-15 minutes) -sunshade...
  3. punisherzx12

    For Sale Upgraded 3DR Solo + Spares

    3DR Solo Like New Condition w/extras Upgrades: MRO GPS Module Master Airscrew Props Alfa Antennas Tablet Holder Extra Batteries Backpack You don't want to miss owning this great drone. Ready to fly your GoPro Hero 3+ or 4 to new heights. Never crashed, abused, or even had a hard landing...
  4. T

    Selling the Full Kit

    Hello All! So after a year of ownership, I've decided that it's time to move on from the platform and up to a better camera platform. Plus my wife said I had to sell this one first :( That being said, I'm selling the full kit to fund the next purchase. Everything is in excellent condition with...
  5. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  6. A

    3DR Solo Drone GoPro and Gimbal, Backpack, 5 Batteries, and 14 sets of Props

    3DR Solo Drone GoPro and Gimbal, Backpack, 5 Batteries, and 14 sets of Props I am selling a fully working 3DR solo smart drone. I am selling it as I don't go flying as often and would like to start a few projects on my house that this money would help with. The Drone has been operated for 15-20...
  7. Soul Patch Films

    Solo package for sale

    SOLD Solo 2 Gimbals, 1 installed, 1 new in box 4 batteries 2 sets of props Controller and charger Leg ext, counter weights, lens hood Gopro 3 black+ 5 gopro batteries/charger 16gb mem card SOLD
  8. S

    For sale ! 2 solo !

    Moving !! For sale 2 solos one is been used few times no crash !! one is brand new never been open, with 5 batteries, 3 used and 2 new , 1 3dr case, new gimbal plus few new propellers ! I like to sell it as whole package! Make me a offer . Thnx
  9. D

    Solo for Sale

    Selling my Solo, hardly used, excellent condition. I live in San Diego, CA. Asking $500. 1 - 3DR SOLO drone 1 - 3DR SOLO controller 1 - 3DR SOLO Gimbal - installed 1 - 3DR SOLO Case (backpack) 5 - 3DR SOLO smart batteries 1 - 3DR SOLO battery chargers 1 - 3DR Controller charger 2 - Complete...
  10. eclipseforever

    Selling my Solo anybody want it for cost.

    Love the Solo and what it does. But it's too bulky so I'm getting the Mavic. Wish I could keep both but too much money to keep both lol. Anyone want it before I return to Best Buy. I have 3 set of props $9 2 extra batteries $50 each the drone at 399. And the backpack for $60 let me know guys. I...
  11. eclipseforever

    3DR - Solo Battery - $49.99 today at best buy

    3DR - Solo Battery - $49.99 today at best buy for deal of the day and the solo pack for $379.99 3DR - Solo Smart Rechargeable Battery - Black
  12. franknitty69

    Sale on Mercalli V4 SAL+

    I know alot of you guys have been interested in Prodrenalin or Mercalli for stabilizing your Solo footage and have just been waiting for a sale to pull the trigger. Well you're in luck...for the next 5 days prodrenalin is having a special on Mercalli V4 SAL+. If you purchase from...
  13. C

    Solo Bundle for Sale

    3DR SOLO Drone Bundle with GoPro Hero4 + Extras (SOLD) Included in the Bundle : 1 - 3DR SOLO drone 1 - 3DR SOLO controller 1 - 3DR SOLO Gimbal - installed 1 - 3DR SOLO hard case backpack 1 - GoPro fixed mount - not installed 2 - 3DR SOLO smart batteries 2 - 3DR SOLO battery chargers 1 - 3DR...
  14. franknitty69

    Free Backpack with Solo and Gimbal This Weekend Only

    This weekend only (5/12-5/15), buy Solo & Gimbal, get a free backpack. Use code FREEBACK512 Solo with 3-Axis Gimbal - 3DR a great deal for anyone in the market or has been on the fence.
  15. peppys

    3DR Solo /w gimbal discount promocode

    Hello guys, Anyone interested in $400 discount on 3DR Solo /w gimbal? I got a promo code from them when I attended a webinar few weeks ago but sadly I cannot use it right now. The code is only applicable to the Solo drone with preinstalled gimbal - $1400, and you can get it for $1000 You...
  16. vladiator

    3DR website 20% Discount

    Hey All, There is a 20% discount going on at 3DR's online store now. The code is good until THX3DR20 and valid until Jan. 1st. It's good for all 3DR products (even Solo), not GoPro's etc. Looks like Christmas came early! Cheers, Vlad UPDATE: promo can only be used once per person so choose...
  17. S

    Brand New Gimbal (Solo)

    Here selling extra gimbal i received when they shipped straight from 3dr. I totally forgot about it, its over 30 days return. Brand new, never installed, shipped from 3dr. $380 shipped anywhere in usa