1. Samuelg

    I installed an afermarket gimbal, but it wont go up

    I have a fully stock 3dr solo, black cube, oficial firmware etc. but I wanted to install a gimbal and i find this tarot t-2d i think and 3d printed a piece so it sits perfectly in the solo, i did all the wireing but theres an odd problem, using the controller i can tilt the camera downwards, but...
  2. R

    GPS chip change (solder change)

    I wanted to use the stock pcb and had a bunch of m8n units so I desoldered the m7 and put an m8 on. Initial tests were really good. Going to fly it this week. Have some m9 units as well I might try after this. Has anyone done this? Stock pcb with an M8?
  3. U

    3DR tethered flight

    Hi all, first post. I'm running a uni project where I need to prototype using a tethered solo. I managed to get the drone to boot using a power supply, but it refused to fly, and the controller software seemed to become a little glitchy in the process. Any idea what sort of hardware setup i...
  4. John Githens

    Hack (Mod?) for a Safer Solo near People

    There's a saying about "two kinds of projects", something like: (a) the project starts with a Design, then the parts are gathered and assembled; (b) the project starts with stuff on hand, then some of the stuff is assembled into some thing. My recent project was a bit of both. My goal was to...
  5. W

    Letus Anamorphic on the 3DR Gimbal

    Can't seem to find anything online or anybody who has tried it, but has anybody balanced the Letus anamorphic on the 3DR Solo gimbal? I am willing to mod the gimbal and get one specifically to mod for the anamorphic adapter as they are cheap enough now to do so. I have tons of experience...
  6. FinniKris

    Tinker Time Treehouse - Neo-M8N GPS Upgrade and other DIY Solo Projects

    Hey gang! Me again... and I decided to make a video showing the basic installation of the mRobotics Neo-M8N GPS chip. I'm replacing my Rev A / Original GPS in the Solo. I have previously installed the V2 GPS Shield and you will see it here. Also: part way through this installation I realized...
  7. TheEyeOfHorus

    Solo Green Frame?

    I've seen quite a few pics of this neon green frame that i must have but I can't find a retailer for the life of me. Not even on ebay. Any idea where I can score one? I guess the only other option would be to have it plasti-dipped but I'd rather just pay out... Thanks for any leads!
  8. TheEyeOfHorus

    Amazing results yielded from the GPS mod!! Wifi mod anyone?

    I wound up tearing her down and wedging a piece of corrugated cardboard between the chip and that copper UFO paper. I didn't pick up many more satellites than usual but on 6 sats I flew out 1200ft.... Previous record was 650ft (distance). I didn't even run it out all the way, wound up hitting...
  9. J

    Modding Solo’s UDP broadcast port

    I tried to change the number 14550 to 15550 of SOLO UDP port. So i accessed the solo by SSH . and then modified a telemDestPort in sololink.conf by nano. therefore It is changed. But Not changed after reboot . why? help me plz.
  10. RichWest

    Macro vibe reduction?

    I thought I’d offer up my observation and work around for the factory HDMI cable. I’ve been flying my bird with this mod since October and have had no structural issues. I assume this mod would void your warranty, so try at your own risk. Just sharing what I’ve done to date in reducing...
  11. Captain Zepher

    Solo weight reduction

    Soooo. I saw on amazon that solo replacement shells are under $100 and the shipping weight is 2 pounds and it got me thinking about how much weight is in the shell and legs. I looked up the specs and did a little math. WARNINGS////////////////////////////////////////// INCREADIBLY QUICK...
  12. indonesianpilot

    M8N GPS Bestar BN-880 setup

    anyone here has the experience mounting gps module bestar bn-880? Its M8N gps. Is it good? Will it make my solo better than the stock gps in term of gps lock?
  13. RolandS888

    Motors Swapped to T-Motor 2216-12 800kV

    Well, I have proven one thing, the stock motors are NOISEY!! Changed the motors to T-Motor 2216 800kV and spun them up and they are smoooooth as. Night and day difference to the stock motors. Vibes are GONE. Actually, the vibes were competely gone without the self tightening prop adapters, once...
  14. T

    Updated Solo Review - Is it Fixed?

    Most of the Solo reviews out there are all from the launch or focus on the Gimbal (or lack of) so I reviewed the Solo from the perspective of now being out for a while and had a few fixes and patches. See below for what I found and whether you should press go if you have been sitting on the fence.
  15. Ian [P13]

    Better WiFi connection in the next release - Important Update

    The next firmware will improve your WiFi in many circumstances, the changes from hostapd are in there along with other changes made to improve the link connection. This means the hostapd mod is no longer necessary, if you read the first post on the that, I've included a command I'm told will...
  16. Ian [P13]

    HDMI outer shielding mod

    This mod isn't my idea, Fred Vandeman on the Solo Facebook User Group came up with this, I was sceptical about this working, but it does. 3DR can't condone this mod, but at the same time, they've not said don't do it, with some mods they do, so that's what made me think it was worth a try. In...