1. D

    Can 3DR solo be paired with Yuneec cgo3 gimbal + camera?

    I have a Yuneec typhoon 4k, and am purchasing a 3DR solo with pixhawk green cube for mapping. As the Yuneec cgo3 is detachable from the Typhoon, I am wondering if anyone here has experience mounting them on the Solo, and if so how involved the process was and if any parts need to be...
  2. R

    Offline maps issues with map box

    Hi folks, i try to download offline maps via map box. Unfortunately the satellite view don't appear on my tablet. Is there a update for map box recommended ? In this case offline maps are senseless for me. I am using a Medion tablet with android 5.02. All other function work properly with solo...
  3. reelcrazyfish

    Save maps in Solex for offline use?

    I haven't read every thread on solo, but used the search feature and couldn't get an answer. Can you download maps using home wifi for use in the field with solex? Thanks.
  4. K

    Once you have cached mapbox maps inTower, how do you delete them?

    Howdy, Now that I've successfully cached Mapbox map tiles, how does one delete them when you no longer need them? I couls always uninstall the app, but that's a rather crude solution. Alternately, I could manually delete them if I knew where they lived, but I do not. Does anyone know where...
  5. T

    iPhone 6s Plus unable to fetch map data ?!?

    After opening the new 2.0.0 Solo app on my iPhone 6s Plus a message appears saying that an airport is nearby, which is correct. I tap on the "i" in the message and a "Planning" window appears, briefly loading map data. I change the Filter to "satellite" and a satellite map appears. If I drag the...
  6. B

    No cached satellite Mapbox maps

    I have tried repeatedly to download the mapbox maps so I will have an area of maps offline. The even though I download with satellite maps showing the map displays only in road mode. I have done this on 3 different Android devices 2 on 6.0.1 and one on 4.4.4. On the Solo app I do not see any...
  7. LarryF

    Downloading Maps with the Solo App

    Many times in the field when flying, you don't have an Internet connection. You can pre-download maps in the Solo App and use them later without an Internet connection. However, you can't pre-download maps from Google. You need to use maps from Mapbox (which most are Google maps anyway). This...
  8. J

    Offline Maps

    Hey all, I'm going to be using my drone in remote areas of Indonesia and want to cache maps to cover large areas of West Papua (about 5,000 square miles.) Anyone know a way to do this? Perhaps I have to use 3dr Tower instead of the solo app? Thanks in advance... J
  9. TheMightyThor

    no Map Download After GoPro Update 1.3.0

    having trouble saving maps in the Solo APP? after updating for the goPro changes, i no longer see the bar at the bottom of the screen after tapping the download arrow. How ever if i click in the area the download bar should be i hear it click, then i see a map saved message, i do not see the...
  10. C

    How to update your maps for Orbit

    Anyone know the best way to get current Satellite maps?