magnetic interference

  1. R

    Improved GPS Shield Causes Magnetic Interference Problem

    Brand new solo, out of the box. Worked fine. Then, installed a newly purchased improved GPS shield, over a REV B board, and a MAGNETIC INTERFERENCE warning popped up. Then then, removed the new shield, put the old one back in, and cardboard spacer, and everything worked fine again. WTF ??
  2. admaltais

    Solo compass displacement

    Hello community, Does some one tried to move the compass inside the solo or in another location. The magnetic interference is a real pain when I put my camera (sony a5100 w/imp concept) or other accessories under the solo. Waiting for 3d gps lock before installing the camera help 30% of the...
  3. C

    Magnetic Interference with Aftermarket Gimbal

    Hey guys, I have purchased this gimbal to attach a FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera to a solo: Sky Eye-II Vue Pro Gimbal For FLIR Vue Series Camera After installation I am having a lot of issues with the magnetic interference. When the gimbal is not attached there is no major issues with...
  4. J

    Magnetic Interference

    Hi Folks, Crashed my solo on day two into a tree about 15ft high. It fell to the ground with broken propellers and a slightly bent compass leg (still in place). I replaced the propellers and tried flying it with the bent compass leg, but it indicates a magnetic interference. I tried calibrating...