1. KDan

    1.6 mile flight - then threatened by redneck to shoot down my Solo

    I took a friend and his son out to a local ridge-top on Saturday to show him what camera drone flying was all about. His son is interested in getting into the hobby more and isn't sure what he wants next. I've also been pushing the limits of my Solo's - seeing how far they can fly with a stable...
  2. Perry Lawrence

    Solo with Gimbal, Hero4 Black and GPC Backpack

    Hey all, not using my Solo enough to warrant keeping it out of the sky so offering it here. 1. Solo - 10 flights, no crashes 2. mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N 3. Gimbal - works perfectly 4. Hero4 Black 5. Solo controller 6. 2x Screen mounts (standard one for phones, one set up for iPad2) 7. 3x...
  3. Pedals2Paddles

    HERE external M8N GPS and compass upgrades!

    The HERE is here! Arrived on Monday from Jesters Drones. I got the full kit with the ProfiCNC HERE GPS/Compass, IMP Concepts folding mast, and plug & play wiring. This produced the most stable fly mode (loiter) my solo has ever had! It even came a smoother and more stable stop when letting go of...
  4. KDan

    Experiences with low cost M8N GPS modules?

    About a week ago I installed a BN-800 GPS in my backup Solo. I thought that for under $18 it was worth experimenting with. I had hoped to get one of the V2 GPS shields from the 3DR store, but it seems they aren't available now. I ended up reusing the original one. I also created a design for a...
  5. C

    M8N GPS vs Pixhawk 2.0 Cube

    Set up a Cable Cam down the center of a descending road and my Solo promptly ran into a tree branch 5' from the set point. (Propeller guards were ineffective against the branches.) Are there ways to increase the accuracy? Would the mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N/ 3DR SOLO Upgrade (mRo GPS u-Blox...
  6. Aussie in AZ

    Done to death GPS mod :-)

    Ok, I have 3 Solos............ "My name's Aussie and I'm a Soloholic.....I have a problem, don't judge me". 2 of which have Rev A boards (green, please correct me if I am wrong) and one has a Rev B (black board) I am wondering, for testing purposes, should I put an mRobotics M8N in one, mRo...
  7. FinniKris

    Tinker Time Treehouse - Neo-M8N GPS Upgrade and other DIY Solo Projects

    Hey gang! Me again... and I decided to make a video showing the basic installation of the mRobotics Neo-M8N GPS chip. I'm replacing my Rev A / Original GPS in the Solo. I have previously installed the V2 GPS Shield and you will see it here. Also: part way through this installation I realized...
  8. Flashy

    M8N gps

    what for settings you use? I think my settings are not bad, but not good at all. I use following settings: PRT (ports) UART 1 Protocol out UBX Baudrate 38400 RATE (Rates) Measurement Period 200 ms Measurement Frequency 5 Hz...
  9. indonesianpilot

    M8N GPS Bestar BN-880 setup

    anyone here has the experience mounting gps module bestar bn-880? Its M8N gps. Is it good? Will it make my solo better than the stock gps in term of gps lock?
  10. indonesianpilot

    International Shipping

    So if anyone here has experience buying from www.readytoflyquads.com ? i live in indonesia. its quite far from florida (about 24 hours flight), will they shipping to my country? i want to buy MINI UBLOX M8N GPS GLONASS W/ (35X35MM) MOUNTING BACKPLANE AND COMPASS V2. or there is other website...
  11. Doug Benson

    Has anybody installed the M8N- GPS with the mast?

    Hobbypower Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module with Compass + GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder for APM2.8 APM 2.6 Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller This is the one I am talking about, Any info on the performance of the GPS mod with the mast so antenna is outside the Solo's body and above the electronics. Also...
  12. D

    Solo + M8N mini NOGO

    Having read the threads about upgrading the Solo's GPS to the M8N mini, I ordered one from RTFQ. I'm pretty confident its installed correctly as in the video, but Solo just beeps its unhappy with GPS. The chip is supposed to be ready to go but doesn't seem to be responding correctly. I...