1. Saijin_Naib

    FS: 2x Freedom360 ND8; 2x Freedom360 GoPro Hero3/4 aluminum front plate heatsink

    For sale I have two sets of ND8/front plates (heatsinks) from Freedom360. The ND8 filters are NiSi glass in an aluminum frame with a set-screw to secure it to the lens barrel of the Hero3/4 cameras. The front plates are machined aluminum and come with heatsink compound and a spudger to remove...
  2. tracer

    GoPro 4 black and bitrate question for those that use Premiere

    I normally shoot in 1080p for customers and myself, since it all ends up on the web. But I had to fly a job on Friday that needed to be in 4k. The video came out great. I am running most of the footage through Photoshop Elements to remove lens distortion and run shake reduction. When I do the...
  3. tickingheart

    WTB Hero

    Looking for Go pro Hero (Open to types and slightly used if in good condition.) Current zip 26260 :)
  4. M

    gopro freezing... the solution for me

    I've traveled down most if not all of the fixes that don't involve replacing hardware. For me the successful repair was to replace the image sensor. The last no h/w attempt was cleaning the original image sensor connector and the camera connector with electronics cleaner. I didn't want to use...
  5. Ivan Riobla

    So I just got my Solo today. i need basic help

    Well the solo app is not compatible with my phone, i just got my phone 2 months ago, Alcatel idol3 so I guess i need to pay for this other solax app that could work. now i got this drone because i have a gopro hero 3 black+ ... i bought the solo and i order the gimbal from best buy, but with...
  6. B

    Gopro hero 3 + silver for 109 . Man. Refurb

    Should work w gimbal right ??GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Camera (Manufacturer Refurbished) $109 + Free Shipping
  7. Perry Lawrence

    Karma = Byrd?

    The Byrd drone by ProDrone (now GDU) was a huge splash and then evaporated. Do a google search on ProDrone Byrd. Had a lot of promise. 普宙无人机官网 | GDU – 开启无人机2.0时代 Does anyone know where or what happened to them? Anyone other than Audorama carrying them? My conspiracy theory is that GoPro...

    Transmission OK, but GoPro File Image NOK when in Solo

    Hi Guys. Need someone to help me with that. I did not find any information regarding same problem in this forum. Thanks for all support. GoPro Hero 3+ is filming OK when is not mounted on Solo Gimbal. Transmission is OK and very good when flying. Image generated from MP4 file is with 90%...
  9. Eric J Muse

    Hero Plus

    Hi everyone Im a new solo owner. I am about to buy a GoPro and I have the option to get a really good deal on the current gen Hero Plus. Unfortunately I only see spec for the Hero 3/4. I was wondering if anyone had tried with the plus model and made it work...