fpv hdmi solo

  1. K

    FPV Goggles - Recommendations?

    My Android screen isn't bright enough. Short of putting a hood over my head - it's just not working. My understanding is that the HDMI socket on the back of the Solo controller will deliver the raw video coming from the camera (Less any parameters.). Does anyone have a recommendation for FPV...
  2. DreadPyrate Tony

    A Moverio in the mix...

    Few months ago, I received a SOLO in a swap. Prior owner logged less than 5 hours on it. Once I saw the demonstration I was hooked! We went through the pack and he showed me the whole contents and I was satisfied. Before parting, he tosses me the box it came in. Once I got home I saw in the box...
  3. D

    FPV goggles recommendation?

    Can anyone personally recommend brand/model FPV goggles w/HDMI for use with the Solo controller?