Jul 9, 2017
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Southerrn Colorado
Few months ago, I received a SOLO in a swap. Prior owner logged less than 5 hours on it. Once I saw the demonstration I was hooked! We went through the pack and he showed me the whole contents and I was satisfied. Before parting, he tosses me the box it came in. Once I got home I saw in the box a black cd case-like folder. Upon opening the case was a unique set of glasses. I scoured the box and instructions for this item and realised it's not suppose to be in this kit so I called the previous owner to inform him what I found. He says " comes with the kit. It's for FPVing." Ok so the pack that came with a SOLO that has a GoPro gimbal and a GoPro Blk HERO 4. One spare battery and an extra set of propellers plus all the usual suspects (i.e. chargers and cables.). I am currently using an HTC M7 One cell phone as my display.

".....I am happier than a than a tornado in a mobile home trailer park!"

Now what to to with this Epson Moverio BT-200 goggles. It appears to be the Development OS edition. This thing is freaky but cool. The glasses makes it seem as if there is a huge floating big screen displayed in front of you yet still see through the screen! I'm sooooo excited to see if I can make this work! I will be starting this thread to record my progression of pairing this these two items.

What are the obvious obstacles? Hardware and software issues?
HARDWARE: My controller has a Micro HDMI outlet. The handheld controller for the Moverio has a micro USB 2.0 outlet.
SOFTWARE: The Moverio OS uses a unique android operating system. First, the 3DR app must be loaded onto the os. (I know what I'll be reading on the toilet!)

Moving on to the hardware issues. I'll need to convert the hdmi signal to be accepted by the Moverio. Time to research adapters. Should I consider an RCA converter....hmmmmm?

I'm thinking this forum needs a thread like this. At least it'll be food-for-thought. Feel free to point me in the right direction!

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