1. A

    Saving a copy of current Firmware

    Hi all, Before I begin troubleshooting to try and resolve a few issues I've been having with my solo, I'd like to create a copy of the current firmware. I'm hoping someone would be able to recommend the best/most common methodology to achieve that. Thanks!
  2. N

    Getting High Res IMU through Mavlink udp

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a project where I'm using MAVROS to connect to the Solo and access its sensor data. But I'm only getting sensor data at ~10Hz. How do I increase the stream rate of the sensors through MAVLINK? Some googling shows that it can be done by meddling with the firmware a...
  3. Pedals2Paddles

    Solex firmware updates menu procedural changes

    The latest version of the Solex app released this week has some procedural changes that affect the firmware updates menu. So I've updated the Solex instructions for Open Solo installs on GitHub. In short, you must connect to the Solo first. That way Solex and can download parameters and verify...
  4. P

    How to update Solo Gimbal firmware ?

    Hello! Noob here; my gimbal has been acting up and for sure needs an update; just am unsure of how to do so - please help Much appreciate
  5. M


    Hello Using ssh root to the Solo drone, I have been accessing files inside. Under Firmware, then inside the folder Loaded, there is a file called ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4. I am wondering where is the script located that runs this ArduCopter? Thanks
  6. G

    Keep losing controller connection

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the blog. I am the owner of a 3dr solo since 2 months already and was happy until this problem happened: I was flying around 80m (260 ft) high when the solo lost the connection. It started to come back to the starting point, as always, but when "landed", the...
  7. P

    New and Itching!

    Okay soloers, got an early Xmas present! Solo, spare battery, spare props, gimbal, case. Having little experience flying a quad,(most time on planes and copters) what should I do/know to be best prepared for first flight? I'm planning on relying on GPS early on, just to prevent getting a brain...
  8. Clint Miller

    GoPro firmware version?

    I have a newly minted GoPro 4 blessed with a Peau Systems 5.4mm lens. It has firmware version HD4. on it now. Is the upgrade to the latest GoPro firmware safe, should I stay at the current version, or is there a preferred version I should feed the new camera. Thanks!
  9. N

    3+ Silver Firmware

    In search of the Hero 3+ Silver Firmware 2.0 zip file so I can downgrade my GoPro to work better with my Solo drone. Does anyone have this and willing to share?
  10. Aussie in AZ

    Gopro Hero 4 Firmware update v4.0

    So we are on the same page, I am using Gopro Hero 4 Black. So Hero 4 has a new firmware out. I got a notification 2 days ago. I contacted Gopro to see if this would break compatibility with Solo and this was the response Thanks for reaching out to us. I'd be happy to help you out. We can't...
  11. Robert Rose

    Controller Won't Shut Off After Update

    This has happened after every update in 2016. 2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.3.0-1, 2.4.1-6 The update downloads to the phone and the update installs with no problem to Solo and the Controller. The screen on the Controller then says Press A to continue. Nothing happens when I do, and the Controller...
  12. R

    Gimbal still at version 1.1.4

    Just noticed after the 1.2.0 firmware update that the gimbal is still showing 1.1.4 in the app. Does this mean that the gimbal firmware was not updated? Or does this represent a gimbal update with it on a completely different version number?
  13. vladiator

    Problem installing latest firmware

    Hey guys, So yesterday I wanted to go fly and test out some of the advanced flying modes. I then discovered that there was a new app and firmware update that supports the gimbal and a few other features. I didn't have an option but to update (rather annoying in my opinion since the gimbal...