1. A

    Controller Updated but keep getting error "turn on airplane mode to allow SSH" on bird. Can anyone assit?

    Last night I installed OpenSolo4 on my controller using SidePilot. When I attempt to install on the actual drone I get an error and it tells me to try turning on Airplane Mode so it will allow SSH". I turn on Airplane Mode but I get the same error. Can anyone help? I would love to actually fly...
  2. Justfredioregon

    Lower Throttle!

    Hello there fellow 3DR Solo Pilots. :) I have recently come across a transceiver error that I can't seem to fix, or calibrate. It keeps telling me that I need to lower my throttle? But I'm not touching the throttle or raising the stick at all. Now. This error only happens in (Stabilize) mode...
  3. H

    App Error After Clicking "Fly solo"

    Hello, I changed my mobile phone and installed application. After clicking "Fly Solo"; Telemetry and camera data showing in application in a few seconds and app back to "Looking for solo" scren. This is the video ; Application working on my other phone. I tried with full batteries solo...
  4. Ian [P13]

    Controller Error / Stick Calibration YouTube Tutorials

    I've just spotted tutorials for the stick calibration on YouTube so if you ever need to do this the solution is here: PC: Mac:
  5. D

    Cable Cam Bug

    I've had a bug when using cable cam mode since the new update twice now. Thought I'd see if anyone else has had this error. Using a Samsung galaxy S6 with solo and gimbal. I am getting an issue where the app seems to be stuck in cable cam mode layout. I can fly the solo regularly after this...
  6. A

    Gimbal not connected

    Hi all, I tried to set up a new Solo out of the box and install gimbal. My steps where: 1) download app 2) update software on app 3) update software on transmitter and quad 4) install gimbal 5) plug in gopro 4 black 6) turn on everything: a) transmitter, b) app, c) go pro, d) quad result...
  7. D

    Go Pro 3 Black Original

    I am trying to run a regular gopro 3 black with my solo through the gimbal and can't get a video feed. I have checked the forums and don't see much info on people trying to fly the original 3. 3dr says it is compatible, has anyone tried the gimbal with gopro 3 black? I've updated the solo and...
  8. klamberton

    Solo Crashed Itself

    Hey 3DR pilots, This is my first post and unfortunately its not a great one. I was having some trouble with my gimbal, it was not responding to the camera control angle well. Every time I tried to manually adjust the camera angle it got stuck facing 45 degrees downward. After lots of searching...
  9. M

    Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO

    I updated firmware yesterday to the latest, 1.3 I believe, and flew last night perfectly on two different batteries. This morning I goto fly and I get an alert that reads, "Calibration Error - Please restart SOLO". Everytime I restart, the message comes back again after about 20 seconds. It...