1. John Githens

    Using a geotagged image as a Google Earth overlay

    If you are planning a mission for your Solo, this long thread on another forum suggests a way to show recent changes in a geographical area, relative to the currently-published Google Earth imagery. The original poster was seeking a way to do a kind of time-lapse overview of a construction site...
  2. R

    Do Chinese Communists Control your Airspace?

    I flew 3DR SOLO for a while, but needed some additional features. After I purchased a Mavic Pro, I started learning about the myriad ways that DJI (?? a commercial arm of a Chinese state-owned enterprise??) collect your data and determine where and how you fly. -- log all your flights, -- log...
  3. OldCoder

    The US Army Just Ordered Soldiers to Stop Using Drones from China’s DJI

    Wild! The US Army Just Ordered Soldiers to Stop Using Drones from China’s DJI "The U.S. Army has ordered troops to stop using consumer drones made by Chinese manufacturer DJI, according to an Aug. 2 memo seen by Defense One and confirmed by two Army officials. “Cease all use, uninstall all...
  4. K

    Spark Has Arrived. Product Review Video on Spark

  5. G

    Spare Parts Project

    So I've been flying Solo's for a little over a year and over the course of 5 units, and 3DR's ever so lovely customer service, I've acquired quite a bit of parts. These parts are perfectly working and in great condition. I rebuilt a Solo with the other parts from this scrapped drone and random...
  6. Andrew Schmidt

    Building a DJI Inspire 2 with Solo Internals - Dev Help Requested! [INSPI-3DR]

    Forgive me if I'm in the wrong place, but I figured I would start here. I have purchased a crashed 3dr solo from ebay, in hopes of building a replica (with minor upgrades) of a DJI inspire 2. To do this, I know I will need to do the following. -replace stock esc's with larger (30a) simonK bec...
  7. M

    DJI Inspire

    Thinking of purchasing a DJI Inspire. They seem like great machines. Is the V2 worth the extra cost? DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Review -
  8. L

    New never installed 3dr solo gimbal UP for sale!

    Selling a brand new 3-axis gimbal from the 3dr solo drone. I had pre purchased the gimbal and ended up getting it wayy later than i should have an bought an other one during that time. It was never installed and comes with all the accesories for all the go pros. doesnt come with the go pro...
  9. AerialExplorer

    Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes

    Hey everyone, So I have been working long and hard all summer to perfect my drone for capturing aerial video and here is some of the shots I have captured over the summer.