customer service

  1. Belohegor

    3DD Customer Service is...BAD

    About 3 weeks ago my controller stopped broadcasting. Being the a technocrat a professional IT person I had no provlem scouring the web and trying to find a solution. I did this but to no positive resolution. Finally, I I sent 3DR customer service an email outline the trouble, the steps I'd...
  2. I

    Solo customer Service

    I submitted a ticket and logs for my Solo back in March. All that I have been receiving is auto reply emails. All of my previous experience with 3dr customer service has been quick and helpful. Anyone have any ideas or experience recently with their "Support" team?
  3. B

    3DR responsible for goods arriving?

    Hello all, I ordered some spare batteries from 3DR a few months ago but never received the package. 3DR has asked me to contact FedEx directly to get this resolved. Their support told me: "Unfortunately, once it leaves the 3DR warehouse it becomes the responsibility of FedEx." Is this right...
  4. R

    3DR Customer Service Sucks

    3DR has had my RMA drone for 14 business days - they have and will not provide any updates on when we can expect to receive it back. Customer service is awful. Purchasing the Solo was a mistake. I hope this company folds soon.
  5. B

    Peau Customer Service - How it's Done!

    Just want to share my recent experience with Peau Productions and their customer service. Last week I sent my GoPro Hero4 Black to Peau Productions to have the lens replaced with their 3.97mm 16MP lens. The camera was to arrive at Peau on Tuesday. I was out of the country and when I returned...