cable cam

  1. ApClarke

    CABLE CAM freezing app issue

    Hi. I have an issue with Cable Cam smart shot freezing my device. It wont fly the cable or exit out of it either. Has anybody else had this happen to them? Cheers
  2. D

    Cable Cam Bug

    I've had a bug when using cable cam mode since the new update twice now. Thought I'd see if anyone else has had this error. Using a Samsung galaxy S6 with solo and gimbal. I am getting an issue where the app seems to be stuck in cable cam mode layout. I can fly the solo regularly after this...
  3. Robert Rose

    Real Estate Video

    GoPro Hero4Black, 2.7k @ 60fps, medium FOV Smart Shot orbit, cable cam.
  4. Kevin Cain

    Saving/loading waypoints in Tower?

    It would be really useful to export/import waypoints -- and even better to convert cable cam start and stop locations into waypoints. Is either possible?
  5. D

    Cable Cam Ease In/Out Pan Tilt

    In the promo video, cable cam is shown with a ease out/in look (pan tilt). - Around :36 is the cable cam. What are tips/tricks in achieving this look?
  6. Mauiwind

    Cable cam programed behavior

    Point A : Elevation 20 meters 90 degree tilt bearing 360 degrees Point B: Elevation 5 meters 70 degree tilt bearing 180 How do I program Solo to go clockwise or counter clockwise during the movement from B-A, A-B? Another, almost different type of question: I'm noticing that the gimbal...