1. Han Solo

    Great Solo Bundle - price lowered!

    Don't miss out on this complete bundle up for sale! Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3...
  2. Han Solo

    Solo Bundle for Sale

    Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3 GoPro batteries and external charger, GoPro touch...
  3. N

    Solo backpack bundle, new gimbal, new batteries for sale (on eBay)

    I have 3 listings on eBay available for auction. The first is a 3DR solo backpack bundle w/ the drone, controller, 1 lightly used battery, 8 new props, tall feet, gimbal, and more. The drone was flown once to test. I purchased this bundle from best buy as a spare drone. LINK: Drone Bundle Link...
  4. punisherzx12

    For Sale Upgraded 3DR Solo + Spares

    3DR Solo Like New Condition w/extras Upgrades: MRO GPS Module Master Airscrew Props Alfa Antennas Tablet Holder Extra Batteries Backpack You don't want to miss owning this great drone. Ready to fly your GoPro Hero 3+ or 4 to new heights. Never crashed, abused, or even had a hard landing...
  5. Curt

    For Sale: 3DR Solo, Controller, Gimbal, Backpack - $350+shipping

    I am selling my 3DR Solo and related kit. Would prefer to sell everything as a single bundle rather than parting out components. Asking $350 + shipping. Can only ship inside the US. Kit includes: 1 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed 1 3DR Solo Backpack 2 Batteries 1 Battery Charger 1 Controller 1...
  6. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  7. D

    1 3DR solo, 1 unopened gimbal, 3 extra batteries, 1 backpack & more

    Will be selling this as a package. The 3DR solo is lightly used, probably flown them < 15 times. I am just not using my drone anymore so I'd like them to go to someone else who can better utilize them. 1 3DR solo with gimbal installed, charger + controller Gimbal BNIB 1 opened extra battery 2...

    Build Quality.....

    since I now have my own issues with a perfect flying setup- TWO I might add- totalling $375 for a single SOLO revB with FPVLRs in an OEM backpak and a broken propped Solo revA with gimbal- both working!!! after making the mistake of placing the bird WITH GIMBAL on sport mode in a wide open...
  9. Raptor

    Wanted: 3DR Solo backpack.

    Wanted: Solo backpack. Does not have to be new. Good condition. Need case desperately!
  10. W

    Solo Accessories for Sale - Like New. batt, antenna, filter, backpack, props, Relish3D, hood

    Hello, I have many 3DR Solo accessories for sale. I purchased insurance for my Solo upon purchase from in May 2017. I was having FPV live video feed issues with Solo so I sent it in for repairs. The decision was to refund the purchase price of the drone. I had purchased many...
  11. tickingheart


    Looking for accessories to complete drone (Such as Backpack, extra batteries etc...) Open to buying slightly used parts. Current shipping is 26260 :)
  12. tickingheart

    wtb, looking for, looking to buy

    Looking to buy a gimbal, backpack, go pro hero 3 or 4, props, batteries, chargers. (May also be looking for solo drone, possible wifi) Thanks for any help, ideas, or leads :)
  13. R

    Solo Super Bundle. Includes GoPro H4Black,3 batts, Backpack, AND selling 3 Gimbals; 1 NIB, 2 used.

    I am selling my backup Solo bundle. It's a full set setup which includes a Solo (only flown about an hour total just to test it and not crashed. It's perfect) 3 batts (used maybe twice each), literally like new backpack, 3 sets of props, chargers, etc. This is all literally new, minus an hour...
  14. H

    Backpack work with Leg Extensions?

    I'm really wanting to get the backpack since it's only $35, but I wanted feedback on whether Solo will fit with Polar Pro leg extensions and the gimbal installed. I appreciate all answers
  15. E

    3DR Solo Bundle + Gimbal + Backpack + Extra Battery + Extra Propellers Warranty $499

    I have several of these. Got them directly from 3D Robotics. I have them listed on ebay. I'm in the Dallas area if you wish to pick up. PM me for phone number if you wish to talk. $499 + $30 shipping if you buy here or $569 on ebay to cover the fees. Selling pretty cheap but am open to a...
  16. S

    What backpack fits the 48 x 38 x 25 cm foam that comes with Solo and is easy to get Solo out?

    I carry solo around a bit and it is really inconvenient to carry solo in the original case when on a bicycle and the backpack 3dr offers is WAY WAY over priced (130 $ to 160 $) so I was wondering if anyone else has had any success putting the foam insert that came with solo into a back pack, and...
  17. I

    Recommendation for Backpack

    I'll be doing a lot of travelling across the country this summer for work and want to bring the Solo. The problem is that I am flying cheaply and switching airlines at the airports (no checked bags), so I want to pack as much together as possible in two bags. One bag I'd like to have the Solo...
  18. L

    3DR Back Pack

    If any Body is interested ,I have a lightly used 3DR Back Pack for sale, $ 100.00 ,Reply to [email protected], I accept paypal.
  19. R

    3DR Solo backpack, tight fitting

    So I went and picked up a backpack tonight, BTW Solo and the gimbal are priced $799 and $199, anyway... Is it me or is the controller a tight fit in the backpack? Like an 1/8" tight.... Normal?? Anyway to stretch the pocket, shave?? Thanks
  20. B

    3DR Backpack fit too tight!

    Has anyone been able to fit the controller and Solo with the gimbal in place in the backpack without the gimbal hitting the controller before Solo is fully in place? I believe I have the controller all the way in but the gimbal end motors are almost 1 inch higher than the rear motors. Gimbal is...