1. D

    **RARE** Complete Flir Vue 640 Pro Solo Setup with fully integrated OEM Cameras 3-axis Gimbal

    Hi all, I appreciate that I'm not an active member of the community, yet enjoy reading through the various topics of the forum since I joined. Yet felt this was one of the key avenues to sell the following platform. I run a Drone inspection company from the UK, and have done for near on 3 years...
  2. J

    SOLD! Gimbal & Solo in Box Brand New

    Im selling my spare 3DR Solo plus Gimbal and 3 batteries! $300 OBO. Pickup in WA State I travel statewide in the winter but home is Olympia. Also close to Portland. Gimbal has security tape on box never opened! Solo box was opened to grab charger out of for my main drone to double charge...
  3. I

    3DR solo stuck at Preflight Update. Cant find the SOLO.

    My 3DR Solo Drone is stuck at the preflight update screen on the controller and I cant update it through the app as it says "SOLO Not Found". I tried factory resetting it by pressing the button on back. It blinks the Orange LED as told..Updates the controller but doesnt reboot on its own and...
  4. J

    3DR Solo Camera Power

    We have just purchased a third party gimbal for the solo for a FLIR Duo Pro R camera. I have a few questions, if we are getting the telemetry data and correct power to the camera. The gimbal has been setup for the correct connections, but it looks as though some of the wires are not within the...
  5. S

    HELP!!! I Need antennae!

    I need a rear leg antenna. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  6. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  7. B

    Use Solo's GPS as Mock Location

    Hey been looking all over the internet for an answer.... I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to collect Points Lines or Polygons using the solo's gps location. So I can fly a road, being able to start and stop a line to be used in a GIS later. Or fly over a fence corner/some object and...
  8. D

    Solo Gimbal shake on yaw

    I bought a Gimbal for my 3DR Solo a couple of days ago new from Amazon. I tested it for a first time today and realised that there is a nasty shake on the yaw, I have tried moving any cables that could be touching the Gimbal away from it, factory resetting it and re calibrating everything on the...
  9. M

    3DR Solo extended life battery

    does anyone know where I can find an extended life battery for the 3DR Solo quadcopter?
  10. T

    3DR Solo Quadcopter w/ 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 w/ Manufacturer

    3DR Solo Quadcopter w/ 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 w/ Manufacturer and all the extras! CasePro 3D Robotics Solo Drone Wheeled Hard Case 3DR Solo Smart Battery...
  11. U

    3DR tethered flight

    Hi all, first post. I'm running a uni project where I need to prototype using a tethered solo. I managed to get the drone to boot using a power supply, but it refused to fly, and the controller software seemed to become a little glitchy in the process. Any idea what sort of hardware setup i...
  12. Coach K

    If you could only perform (1) Mod to your 3DR Solo?

    Hello, my first post here and I am still waiting for my 3DR Solo to arrive. I have viewed 100s of videos and read countless opinions and there doesn't seem to be a common consensus of which Mod would be the first if not the only one. So I am asking the community of Pilots who I consider far more...
  13. D

    1 3DR solo, 1 unopened gimbal, 3 extra batteries, 1 backpack & more

    Will be selling this as a package. The 3DR solo is lightly used, probably flown them < 15 times. I am just not using my drone anymore so I'd like them to go to someone else who can better utilize them. 1 3DR solo with gimbal installed, charger + controller 1 unopened gimbal 1 opened extra...
  14. JerryB


    Hi guys has anyone experience your 3dr solo move around a little bit when left hovering? Mine moves a little to much it doesn't stay hovering on place, I was wondering if there's a solution to It? Thanx guys!
  15. B

    Drone Down... What next

    Hey All, Had an unfortunate series of events take place yesterday in Tampa. I'm here on assignment filming some Broll of the city for a client. I shot several nice drone sequences and was filming near the Skyway bridge to finish the day. I setup on the North fishing point so I could have close...
  16. GavinKellyPGH

    Hello from the crew of the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown

    My name is Gavin Kelly, Host and Lead Investigator on Amazon's new original Series the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown. I am joined by my sidekick, and the love of my life Paula Purcell, she alone tackles the history and research for our locations. We travel all over the United States...
  17. june03dr

    Stock 3dr Solo

    Stock 3dr solo, hero 5 session cam and master airscrew props keepin it simple. WRAITH
  18. BobPhoto

    Beautiful SoCal Morning Over the Water - Solo, GPH4B

    A new way to photograph my wife swimming in the open water. Now just to get the brass to go closer...
  19. Justfredioregon

    Lower Throttle!

    Hello there fellow 3DR Solo Pilots. :) I have recently come across a transceiver error that I can't seem to fix, or calibrate. It keeps telling me that I need to lower my throttle? But I'm not touching the throttle or raising the stick at all. Now. This error only happens in (Stabilize) mode...
  20. B

    For Sale one used 3DR Solo with many parts and one new

    For Sale one used 3DR Solo with many parts and one new. Used: 1 Used 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed. 8 Total props all balanced 2 Battery chargers 5 Total batteries - all batteries keep and still show about 1/2 charge 1 Controller 1 Controller battery charger 1 3DR backpack case All OEM...