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    Solo slowed down?

    Is your Solo not gaining speed as before, or is it eventually gaining speed, just slowly. If the parameters have not changed (it is necessary to check), it is possible that the battery is no longer healthy and does not provide the required power. Observe the supply voltage during the flight.
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    Anyone from Russia or Ukraine with spare parts for 3dr solo

    I have spare parts ..
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    Gimbal moving left to right anonymously after powering on

    I think you should first check if there is any friction in the YAW axis .. You need to remove the top cover (battery and GPS) without removing the gimbal,
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    it is a thin light plastic from the office folder ..)) At high wind speeds, the sharp acceleration of the propeller speed by the flow of air presses on the gimbal and there is an oscillation of the camera. I noticed that with such protection these oscillations do not exist. Gimbals can not be...
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    Test for flight time 20 min and range 4.25 km on a modified smart battery.
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    Don’t buy from Pro-Tec Solutions

    I also ordered earlier .. last time probably 3 months, received everything. Not a scam.
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    yes it's a good thing! And it will be in the future, when all the original Solo batteries die .. But while there are several more Solo batteries in good condition, for 15 - 17 minutes in the air, the BMSОne should be connected separately, without replacing the original connector.
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    Hey guys Craig here I tried updating to open solo 4

    first of all calibrate the compass outdoors, away from any metal objects. If that doesn't help - connect using a mission planner .. And look at the settings. It happens that after the update, two compasses are activated. You will need to deactivate the internal compass of the cube and leave...
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    a friend bought this .. It's rubbish! Burns after several welding points! Need something more reliable ..
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    one of the motors rotates .. SOLO disarmed . solved!

    the problem is solved! I installed other ESCs - ZTW Spider 30A 2~6S (SimonK Firmware) a friend gave .. used .. as a gift). In fact, the power is too much .. but.) I removed the heat sink - excess weight. They work very well!
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    Thanks for the advice! .Well, I soldered it .. I have a tip diameter of 8 mm and a soldering iron of 80 watts, rosin flux .. The quality of soldering .. yes, I agree) is not good .. I was in a hurry, I was afraid to overheat)) and maybe not enough flux. I don't often hold a soldering iron in my...
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    My SOLO Battery mod

    hello !! I want to share my version of the power modification. I have 10 original batteries, but 5 of them last less than 13 minutes of flight (with camera and gimbal). Therefore, I'm already looking for options for replacement with alternative batteries. But I still want to use the original...
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    one of the motors rotates .. SOLO disarmed . solved!

    I thought about it .. need to try other esc. But why only one channel - the left rear.? why only in it there are these excitements? I assume that it is still a problem in the motherboard or in the cube .. I now have no other esc. I still have one motherboard with a cube, so I'll try again there.
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    one of the motors rotates .. SOLO disarmed . solved!

    I used to have a crash. When I turned on the solo after the crash, the 2 ESCs no longer worked .. and they quickly got hot! I replaced all the ESCs with Turnigy Multistar 32bit 20A Race Spec ESC 2 ~ 6S , one motor spinning pulses when the solo is disarmed. Other motors are normal. I calibrated...