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    solex missions problem solved

    Open up the Maps view, lower right of screen. Click on Missions, then select the mission you want to run. This should open the Send/Arm box. I had to look for this my first time. Sorry, no experience with galaxy tab 4.
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    New Tower v. 4.0.0-Final Release

    Mission Planner is for Windows. Tower is Andrioid. Very similar functionality between them.
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    Solo Registration

    Not necessary to register any longer. If you need to submit a ticket/claim just have your purchase receipt available.
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    New Tower v. 4.0.0-Final Release

    Thanks SARDG, I did not realize this content was pushed to the regular Tower. I just downloaded it. I am still confused with the instructions from Peau on location to post .XML file for camera lens profile. My only Android is for Solo Controller Tablet, I'm not so good at navigating inside...
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    Did cold weather do this?

    I have not been in the cold yet this year, gale force winds at 35-40mph have kept me down. Last year in cold temps, after 3rd battery I ran into trouble with my phone going into low power mode and eventually gave me Cold Temp Shutdown warning. Possibly not getting instruction from your phone...
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    New Tower v. 4.0.0-Final Release

    Tim, Thanks for the reply. Are you running Tower Beta? I think the production release Tower still uses 3DR Services, and Tower Beta does not. On this point I am confused to put the xml file in a folder path for 3DR Services. Please let me know if this instruction also works for Tower Beta...
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    New Tower v. 4.0.0-Final Release

    I am trying to upload Peau 3.97 camera profile into Tower Beta 4.0. Looking for tips for proper upload for this profile. Instructions from Peau Productions are old and direct me to 3DR services. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Autonomous vs Guided (Smart Shots)

    P2P, Thank you for the comment. I have flown a number of Tower Auto missions, especially surveys. This parameter is very convenient to make sure the survey completes without interruption. I have been testing surveys at various altitudes to get optimal quality. Sometimes trees get in the way...
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    Flying in Freezing temps

    Also keep tabs on your phone\tablet battery. I was flying last winter, and during landing my 3rd battery my phone shut down due to cold. App was gone, landed with sticks.
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    Autonomous vs Guided (Smart Shots)

    I have ran a number of autonomous missions with Tower and had the FS_THR_ENABLE parameter set to (2)-enable continue in auto. What is the effect of this parameter in regular Smart Shots (Guided)? My Smart Shots have always been close proximity that loss of controller signal should not be an...
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    3DR Solo Backpack question

    Yes, 3DR backpack was sized to fit into the overheads, good news. I travel with 5 batteries in the backpack. Just make sure if you have a battery in the SOLO that you use the little foam divider so the battery will not activate the SOLO. I have set something on the backpack before and had...
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    What are you using as your tablet? - Another Poll

    I was. But switched to Nvidia Shield K1. Much better graphics board
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    QUESTION: Out of range tower missions.

    I have run autonomous missions in Tower and only changed the FS_THR_Enable = 2. This lets SOLO continue the mission if it drops connection. Controller will automatically reconnect when SOLO gets back in range.
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    landing problems

    Are you sure your FLY button on the controller is not sticking down. Past reports that sometimes it gets stuck down and then erratic flight. Just guessing here.
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    Avegant Glyph Goggles - Controller HDMi & Nvidia K1

    Your comment on Solo controller output. I was having similar troubles until I found that you need to turn the controller on AFTER Glyph is all connected and turned on. Solo controller has to find Glyph (HDMI output)during its initialization. This has worked for me ever since following this...