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Jun 18, 2015
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Chouston, Tejas
I've been pondering the gimbal delay, 3DR has said nothing about why, so I figured I'd give my thoughts on why...

Many have the "production" Solo in hand, sorry @rrmccabe ;), and 3DR is now able to calibrate and refine based on an actual "open the box" production unit as of 3-4 weeks ago. If you had to refine the gimbal based on prototype or production Solo which would you chose? Sure, production would make sense.... The 4-8 weeks "delay" is very reasonable if this assumption were to be true.

Buck up and admit you wanted to be the first, knowing there would risks for issues or delays. Stuff happens in the first world, your impatience sounds like children whining they haven't had ice cream today.... fwiw, this is directed at the RCG Solo thread people.
3DR -
The 3DR team is currently testing some fixes in the gimbal DVT2. These include an issue in which about 2% of the units built to date will occasionally over-current the motors. Again: We have a fix for this issue in place, and we want to test it thoroughly before releasing the gimbal to the public. We understand that 2% doesn’t seem like a lot—many products would launch with a yield this high (98%)—but we are laser focused on increasing the quality of the user experience so we want to eliminate even risks of this size.

@Microsprint Well their version sounds almost as believable...;) Thanks for the link!

I like this quote, increasing the quality of the user experience. Finally a company that understands.....
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Sounds good to me, like they are trying to be transparent. One could say the solo was released early, but I think it is a good strategy. Those who must have the gimbal with the solo can wait for them.it's obvious to me they took their best shot at early market position. That's what I would have done.
Didn't sound anything like DJI, by the way. This leaves me more favorable towards 3DR

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