Two complete Solo packages, backpack and accessories, little used

Jan 4, 2017
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Waverly, NE
For sale is a bundle with two complete Solo packages, the 3DR backpack, extra props, extra larger monitor holder, prop balancing tool, leg extensions, lanyards, 3 extra batteries (for a total of 5), Polar Pro LED lights and three gimbals. Not pictures but included is a 3DR Solo bag which was given away as a promotional item I guess. I have some 3DR window stickers around somewhere, if I find them they will be included too. Oh, also included is a sunshade for a 10-inch tablet. I could include an Insignia 10.1 tablet for another $50 which has a decent screen, but really effectively no GPS. Good enough as a monitor, but not useful for the preprogrammed tricks where GPS is required. Two of the gimbals are installed on the Solos, the third is still in the box. I will also include a printed version of the instruction manual which I printed out from the PDF. All batteries have always been stored at 50% power and only fully charged right before a day of flying. All of the original bits and pieces from every item are present.

The main Solo in the backpack has been flown maybe two dozen times. No crashes, in great shape. Second Solo has only been flown once just to make sure it worked. Main Solo has the improved 3DR GPS card and interference shield. The second Solo has the first design GPS (and works just fine). Everything is pretty much like new. The motors on the main Solo were oiled before every flight and cleaned after every flight. It always flew wonderfully with the Solo App and with Solex.

$800 plus buyer pays shipping. I would suspect it would have to be shipped in one very large container or two good sized ones. I have a FedEx account so I can typically get decent shipping rates. It is less expensive to ship to a business address than a residence.

No GoPro included. Dogs are not part of the package. Wouldn't sell them for any amount of money!

In a way it pains me to sell these, I really have enjoyed my Solos but I just don't make time for flying anymore. I don't think I've flown them for over a year. But I'll probably regret selling these regardless.

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