Tarot T-2D on Solo?

Jun 15, 2015
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in the event the gimbal doesn't ship in time, has anyone tried rigging a Tarot T-2D to the Solo? seems that 3DR would of made their 1st gimbal univeral to all of their quads, even if it doesn't include direct control at least some stabilized video.
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I have seen that done. I believe it was on the Facebook page 3DR Solo Mod Group.
To me if I cant control the GoPro there is no value. That is the reason we are here waiting.
talked with 3DR directly (Imalia G. Diego) and they haven't tried so they can't confirm if hole pattern would work.

main curiousity is having a gimbal i can eventually transfer to my older Phantom 1 if i need it as a backup. However, i don't want to drop $210 when i know i'm going to get the more expensive 3DR one.

for now, because of the Solo's larger capcity, i'm just going to jury rig my Feiyu Tech G4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal into the bottom bay. no need for controls, just a method of more stabilized video.

Surprisingly, the Zhiyun Z1-RIDER 3-Axis Multi Function Gimbal would of been a perfect backup since it has the ability to mount to any gopro mount (battery can be velcroed or taped onto the body later).

more of a proof of concept in the event gimbal doesn't show up by the time i need to shoot a wedding. will see how good the HDMI cable is in terms of flexibility; at least i can remove the housing to get some less weight. will post pics in a week or two
@DevRogue, those look very interesting for another project I'm working on. I've got a Skywalker plane (Event38 E384) that I need to mount a GoPro to with gimbal. All I'm concerned about on the plane is counteracting the roll. This would be easier to rig than an actual gimbal to be wired to the APM.
Yeah right now I don't want to spend extra for the tarot if I have a handheld one I can jury rig. Only other reason to get the tarot would be used as a backup to my phantom 1.

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