Solo motors very hot

Aug 24, 2015
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Its summer and I expect some heat but after a full flight all 4 motors are very hot and so is the battery. I can touch the motors but if I grip them between two fingers for like 5 seconds its uncomfortably hot. Anyone else's solo run this hot? Wondering if the bearings need a lube. Have never oiled them and I bought my Solo last year.
I used gun oil to lube mine just the other day. It made a huge difference. Less heat and less noise.
I guess I need to research and see what type of oil is best. I just have things like WD40, 3 in 1, crap like that but I think I need a very thin oil perhaps specifically made for bearings.
Someone recommended Super Lube and the local ACE had some. Even with the motor pod removed getting to the bearings is next to impossible. Not sure how anyone is able to apply a grease to the bearings with a toothpick. I used a spray oil that ACE had that also has PTFE in it and applied it using a needle applicator. And merry christmas now its raining so I cant test it. Don't you hate that?
I ordered triflow a few days ago, but read that gun oil was good too. So I used that since I had some on hand.
That's funny. That's what I actually used. Didn't realize I had purchased Tri Flow. I have the spray can version. I sprayed some into a needle applicator thing I had and applied it that way. Did a short flight and motor temps seemed to be cooler.

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