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Solo/3-Axis Gimbal/3DR Backpack- used

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by USMC86, Jul 12, 2018 at 6:29 PM.

  1. USMC86

    Mar 11, 2017
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    2071677B-5524-44C2-99EA-47E901723C97.jpeg 1072B12D-D8CF-4DF7-A601-7208CAC155BE.jpeg 380DEA94-9C1F-489A-86F7-0F64997A658D.jpeg C8EC5360-F6E9-4E79-AD55-4C5BB4DECD7F.jpeg 586C6DEB-9BDE-4AC0-9D5A-EDAA0062305B.jpeg 713D183F-5BB8-47D4-8C8F-0D0BE19614AC.jpeg BA883DC8-D79F-4D1B-9CFF-EB2055D77DF5.jpeg C35DBA3C-1A80-43D2-8C83-F21BAEADA8C5.jpeg F1B4F7C1-9FD8-436C-A741-D2FF325E2C86.jpeg 99852232-6800-43DC-ABCC-3C2E19FD856B.jpeg Solo / 3-Axis Gimbal / Backpack used.
    This is one of my flyers- it has been upgraded to Open Solo 3.0.0- it is in EXCELLENT condition. It comes with an additional battery, Master Airscrew Props ( Orange )
    It would be shipped exactly how it’s pictured- in the backpack.
    It’s never been wrecked, abused or shows any signs of damage. Would like $450 plus shipping.
    Please notice this isn’t my only Solo but I have come to realize I can only fly one at a time.