3dr Solo with extras (SOLD)

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I am in Nebraska USA. I am selling my 3dr Solo cause I don't use it any more and just found out my new phone is not compatible with it. This is a fun, fast drone. It flew like new when I last had it out.

It comes with:
1- 3dr Solo Drone
2- Batteries
1- Charger
1- Controller w/ Charger
1- Motorized Gimbal for GoPro 3-4
4- sets Master Airscrew blades
3- sets generic blades (ebay)
1- 3dr Solo Backpack Case
All paperwork that came with the drone when new.

Asking price $300, buyer pays shipping. Payments excepted through PayPal.

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Is it still available? Does it have OpenSolo or stock firmware? If OpenSolo what version?
Everything is still available. It still has the stock firmware.
I am interested. Any idea how much it weighs? Trying to figure out how much shipping would be to Ohio
Could I get your zip and I will get a shipping quote for you.

Do you know what color the cube is? It is visible from the gimbal bay
Thank you. I will try to get that quote for you tomorrow. I don't know the cube color, I have never taken the Gimbal off. Everything is stock from the factory.

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