Sold: Solo package, Gimbal, Extras.

Jan 26, 2016
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Hi all, I am going to offer my solo for sale as I just have not used it much and need the space. When they offered the battery special I ordered 2 extra batteries and haven't used them at all.

  • Solo kit with extra props, complete, with original box, packaging, etc.
  • Solo gimbal with factory box, packaging, etc.
  • Extra batteries, 2, new
There is not a scratch on it, only about 10 flights on the original battery bought this year. All in new condition.

I will sell all of these together, shipped in the lower 48, $1025 or best offer. I also have the Hero 4 Silver that I will include for $200 extra. If interested please message, I can email pics etc.
Price dropped to $850 with camera or $700 for all except Hero4.
Hi Bran,
Are you willing to sell only the gimbal? Had a water accident with mine and need to replace it..
I'd really like to sell all of it together but thank you for asking. Good luck with yours!!
I still have everything listed above, I will drop to $775 for all including the Hero4 Silver, shipped in 48 states. Thanks.
I live in Maryland, what part of VA? Let's work something out. No need to ship if you are local.
Thanks for your interest, it was just sold to Timeslip a few minutes ago. Thank you Timeslip, I will email more info shortly.

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