Problem with Side Pilot/3DR Solo with Go Pro 4 Silver

Oct 9, 2016
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I have purchased Side Pilot and enjoyed it with my 3DR Solo and my Go Pro 4 Silver once 3DR Solo App was removed from App Store.

Recently I crashed my 3DR Solo. I decided to use my backup 3DR Solo (Unopened package).

So I installed Open Solo 4 as per the instructions (as I did on my previous 3DR Solo).

Calibrated 3DR Solo and it flies perfect and the Gimbal is working fine though 3DR Solo Controller says that Solo Gimbal not found. Nevertheless I do not have live video on Side Pilot App not I could take any pictures while flying. I suppose that this could be because I did not install 3DR Solo Original Update in the beginning (including drivers for the Gimbal). While there are drivers for 3DR Solo and 3DR Solo Controller in Open Solo 4, there are no such for the Gimbal.

Probably the initial setup of the Gimbal (original 3DR Solo) was not performed and that is the reason for the issue.

I wrote to Tom from Side Pilot several times, still no feedback.


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I believe you are correct in why it isn't working. You can revert your Solo back to stock firmware and that will update the gimbal. Then you can update to Open Solo 4 again.

Instructions for flashing back to stock can be found in this Facebook post.

Flashing Solo to stock
I have an old Original Solo Cube, so I mounted it on my Crashed Solo, changed the Gimble with the new one and reinstalled the firmware of the Controller and then paired them. Though I did not manage to update the firmware using the 3DR Solo App, the Gimble somehow was updated to ver. 1.36. When I mounted the Gimble to my new 3DR Solo with Open Solo 4.0 Cube it worked. Thank you!
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Waiting for approval to join that FB group to get the original firmware installed. I have the "Solo gimbal not found" issue which prevents HDMI video feed to Sidepilot.

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