Gopro hero+ 3 black stops taking photos

Oct 27, 2020
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Hi all

Kinda new here on the Solo scene so I'm hoping I'm missing something stupid simple.

I accidentally set my gopro to do 3-shot bursts so my first attempt at running a mission (generated in solex) resulted in sporadic images (in groups of three of course) and gaps where it seemed like shots were missed...I figured it was missing shots since it couldn't buffer 3x the images to the card fast enough while it flew along.

I wrote this off to beginners stupidity but today I was able to do another run where the drone flew 2.5km and overlapped so each image would cover ~20m so I should have seen over a hundred pictures on the card by the time it was done. When it finished the gopro had just over 50 images but the flight log in solex seems to indicate that I should have had over a hundred.

Mission parameters: 30m altitude, 10m/s speed, survey covered the same area twice.... Once flying east/west and then again going north/south over the same area. Auto activate camera and auto-rotate gymbal options selected.

Observations:The camera did point down and the recorded images are clear but they seemed to stop after the first couple pass... But then kicked in later and did a few more pictures.... Not the 60% overlap that I was expecting.

Questions: in spite of solex recording a "took a picture" event regularly and evenly spaced what could cause images to be missed in the sequence? Is there anything that would prevent it from taking more images if overlap was too large? Are there other other logs or anything I can do to diagnose if I'm dealing with a mission issue (generation or execution) or if it just the camera and memory card having issues? I took the camera and hammered off about 20 selfies at about 1image per sec and it seemed to be able to buffer roughly 1 image per second where the mission would have been calling for roughly half that. Is there a way to see if the gopro was perhaps giving any feedback in other logs? I'm unfamiliar with how the gopro talks with the flight controller so I thought I'd ask.

Still having fun while learning...

Turns out my gopro battery was just stupidly low and only getting a little topup before and after the flight... ?
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