Fix for Live Video Feed - thanks to forum members & 3D Robotics

Sep 19, 2015
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As a recreational Solo pilot I'd like to share my recent experience troubleshooting the loss of the live video feed on Solo in light of this aiding others who may come across the same issue. This is what I found.

A couple of weeks ago I started to lose the live video feed on my iPhone. Initially the video started to 'roll' and then it would freeze with static noise image. This got worse over the period of a week to the point that there was no live feed at all, just a black screen. So the troubleshooting began. I initially tested my GoPro Hero 4 Black camera's HDMI port by connecting it to the TV via HDMI cable. That worked fine. I then bypassed the gimbal, going straight from solo to GPH4 via the solo's HDMI cable ...and there it was, no live video signal, just a black screen appearing on the iPhone. I then replaced the solo's HDMI cable with a new cable that I ordered from 3DRelish. I plugged this new cable directly from the solo to the GPH4 thus bypassing the gimbal altogether, and the live video signal worked, 100%. I then reinstalled the gimbal and again no live video feed. I then thought maybe t's a software issue so I upgraded the 3dr solo app to the latest version 2.3.0. Again, no live video.

I came to the conclusion that:
1) There was a bad HDMI cable (replaced with a new one by 3DRelish and in itself it worked flawlessly) and,
2) The gimbal's female HDMI connection was faulty.

So, I submitted a ticket to 3DR support. Within 12 hours Ryan from Tech Support replied asking for further details so I replied with the above info. He also asked for receipts for proof of purchase, warranty etc.

The best part is yet to come ...3DR support replied saying that they would FedEx a brand new gimbal at no cost ...and that there was know need to send back the faulty one! Three days later I received a brand new gimbal at my doorstep in Australia. now that alone I found to be impressive ...efficient and great service at its best!

My point here is that, given that I have no real experience in anything resembling electronics, I believe that I could not have identified my solo's video issue without the help, the experience, the knowledge and the tutorials that fellow members have so kindly posted on this forum to date.

So, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and many thanks to all those forum members and to Ryan from Tech Support for making my experience a somewhat pleasant one.

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I had a similar experience with loss of video feed, which was determined to be a faulty gimbal. From the time I submitted the support ticket to the time a new gimbal was at my doorstep was about a week and a half. I was very happy and very impressed with 3DR's responsiveness.
Very helpful guys.... I have a question how did you summit a trouble ticket with 3DR. I have email them but no respond yet.. it's been about 2 weeks.. Please let me know thanks.

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