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Mar 2, 2017
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Chicago area
Is one better than the other ?
I've only used the Madhacker tool. I like it because it's available in an enclosure and it reports the lowest cell voltages that the battery was run down to, giving an indicator of whether the battery has been abused.
Nov 2, 2020
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Part of my business is RPA mapping, I invested heavily in Solo as I also dabble in videography as a hobby and the long-term upgradeable thing.

From 8 working batteries last year, the last few months have been brutal and as of today I'm down to 2 'reliable' batteries. The rest are toast, calibrations do nothing for them. Commercially, I'm done and dusted.

I have to find a way to import from the US at least a few 'new' batteries to finish a standing contract, not an easy thing, but I'm dubious about whether any of them will last more than a few months. My options seem to be buy a dozen new batteries and take a big risk (keep accepting work contracts I might not be able to fulfil if they fail rapidly) or sadly ditch the Solo platform and either go to you know who's platform or drop RPA services from my portfolio. I still haven't succumbed to facebook, so I don't get info from the 3DR groups, but what's install for us? I'm sure this is discussed there at length. Surely I am one of many equally about to be forcibly removed from the Solo community. What I also can't understand is that 3DR would abandon their minimum 10K Site Scan clients who were key to the not complete collapse of the company.

I know Philip is working on a battery, but if that isn't available in two months, I may have reluctantly changed platform to keep earning an RPA livelihood.

Comments and opinions on the status of a new battery would be more than welcome so I can decide my future in the next few days before exploring how to import either a few or a dozen batteries.
I'd take a look at this youtube video as there is a place you can get a new battery pack, cover, etc. These are NOT OEM batteries, but yet have tested for replacement .
and you can buy the stuff from his store here:
3DR Solo Parts
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