3DR Gimbal Firmware??

Oct 7, 2021
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I just got my 3DR Solo and I am just having a ball with it!!! My only issue is that it had a 3DR gimbal already installed with a GoPro Hero 4 Black and I kept getting the error message that no Gimbal was found. When I went to look at the installed firmware via SidePilot the gimbal version says Unknown which I thought was very weird because I bought my Solo from a pilot in Canada and he had stated many times that he used it for making real estate videos which would indicate to me that he used the GoPro while under flight to take the videos but how could he do this without any firmware for the gimbal installed? At any rate sorry for the long winded back story my question is that since SidePilot does not have an installer package for the 3DR gimbal where can I find the packages?? Any and all help is appreciated!!!

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Hi Jeff.

I've had this issue with two gimbals that I purchased earlier this year that were "New Old Stock"

Both Solo's I was using at the time were running Opensolo 4, and this is where the issue lies.

When the Solo gimbal was originally released, six months after the actual release of the Solo, the firmware for the gimble was contained within the Solo's file system. So when the gimbal was connected to the Solo for the first time a python script would recognise this and push the firmware to the gimbal.

Within the file system of Opensolo there is a directory with the original 3DR gimbal firmware. Unfortunately the script in Opensolo doesn't recognise the gimbal and therefore the firmware doesn't get pushed over.

I recently picked up another Solo, this one was running the original 3DR operation firmware. So before I installed Opensolo onto it I thought I would connect my two gimbals and see if they would update. And the answer was yes. I tried them both with one of my Solo's running Opensolo. When the Solo was powered on the Gopro Hero4 Black powered on, it previously didn't do this. Using Solex (I use Android) I could now remotely control all of the GH4B's functions from the GUI, previously this was impossible.

I submitted a ticket on the Opensolo Github quite sometime ago highlighting this issue but to the best of my knowledge it has not been addressed.
Yes this sounds familiar. I installed opensolo 4 onto a new one that hadnt had the 1st firmware update. I am too scared to install it onto the one currently running opensolo 3, in case the gimbal doesnt work on that one, and then I am left with no bird that can do my work.

Is there something in the parameters that needs to be adjusted which would sort the problem?

Hopefully the Github answer will come through soon, please keep pushing the barrow on that forum for us all...


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