1. D

    Solo with a wobble

    Hi guys I recently had a few light scratches leading up to a crazy crash. After the first few crashes my solo still worked perfectly but since I took it to a friends house that had recently installed a electronic fence for his dogs. After that day all my problems started, I took it to my...
  2. Jetspeed35

    Wobbly flight

    Hi All- Fairly new to the Solo, but love it so far... I have had a couple of minor crashes early on and now my Solo always seems like it's flying very wobbly. I read a few threads that this is common at high speeds (which I see as well), but even when I'm hovering, it is still very wobbly...
  3. E

    Solo wobbles at high spped

    Ever since I bought the 3DR Solo it has always wobbled at high speed. It is noticeable a lot while flying during high speed. Could the motors be causing the Solo to woble?