Solo with a wobble

Mar 7, 2017
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Hi guys I recently had a few light scratches leading up to a crazy crash. After the first few crashes my solo still worked perfectly but since I took it to a friends house that had recently installed a electronic fence for his dogs. After that day all my problems started, I took it to my sister's and on landing did a front flip. I had it out in an good sized field up 200ft in the air doing acro, all was good until it tells me lost gps connection return to home in mid flip! Then smacked the earth. Almost lost an entire arm and cracked the body pretty bad, I patched it up to see if it still would fly and it does just not as smooth as before. I also hear a squill from a motor that I have always expected to be bad since the magnetic feel was very loose, nothing like the other 3 motors. Will post flight logs tomorrow and hopefully someone can give me a direction to go in about what needs repair or replacing. Thank you for your time.
Post your logs, and someone will take a look.
Not sure what you mean buy lost GPS and return to home. If you loose GPS it doesn't know where home is. Possibly you lost connection with the controller, but not sure if it will RTH in Acro mode. Logs will help.
Motor bearings and/or shafts can be damaged in a crash. If so, an unstable motor will induce more vibration than normal which can effect the flight controller's ability to maintain a smooth flight. Cracked and repaired frame is likely not helping either.

Sounds like you need a complete rebuild - frame, motor pod(s) and who knows what else. You are looking at a minimum $150 rebuild (2 pods and a frame) using available stock parts and diy. $300 or more if you send it off for repair by others.

With the cost of a new bird, $300, it makes better sense to buy new. Salvage your old bird or sell off as parts to others, which is maybe $100 value in total. No logs required....;)

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