1. S

    First crash :/ will this effect my warranty?

    Hi guys new to the group and to flying Solo. I've been a phantom 3 pilot for about 2 years with no crashes. I flew my Solo today in very fast mode...that was my first mistake, I didn't realize quite how much faster/responsive that would make my drone. I also flew through some tree cover which...
  2. Irishbug

    Are flyaways covered when....?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether or not a flyaway would be covered by 3dr if you were using Solex or the Tower app when the flyaway occurred. I'm thinking that they would only honor a flyaway if the person was using the Solo app only. Anybody have any knowledge on this? Thanks!
  3. spartaHawk

    Exactly what logs should I email to 3DR to see if a crash is warranty-worthy?

    Exactly what logs should I email to 3DR to see if a crash is warranty-worthy? I downloaded the DataFlash logs using Mission Planner from the crash flight and the two previous. Anything else? Should they be in any certain folder format? I was using Solex, so do I need to package them in a way...
  4. jimloss

    Warranty for Solo Purchased Though 6th Avenue

    Has anyone purchased their Solo through 6th Avenue and had any success in getting warranty repair? I know that there has been discussion already about 3Dr authorized sellers and affect on warranty, but 6th Avenue states in their eBay add "Our products are covered by a warranty of 1-year parts...
  5. C

    3DR warranty timeframe

    Just a quick question on how long it has taken owners to get their warranty acted on and a replacement Solo delivered after a crash that puts your bird out of action. It seems to take an exceedingly long time for anything to happen here in Australia. Had a crash on the morning of 11th of...
  6. B

    Not a fly-away but not far from it. Solo rolled upside down and slammed to the ground

    I am new to the drone movement.. I received a Solo as a Christmas gift. The first few flights were great and were short mostly getting used to the functionality of Solo, the controller and App. I haven't had any troubles until today and today I had big troubles. I did the normal start ->...
  7. A

    Bought a used battery on CL - D'OH!!!!

    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. I obviously know it to be true but still it somehow manages to bite me right in the ass every now and again... After a harvest shoot on a weekend trip to the inlaws' farm and constantly needing just a couple minutes more out of my 2 almost dead...
  8. Franklin Marquette

    My 3DR Experience

    About a month ago I purchased a 3DR SOLO from Best Buy. I was extremely excited to begin creating videos and such with pro level looks. In the beginning the drone had numerous issues but this is to be expected. Every new product has issues and as I went along I fixed most of them. In the end the...
  9. N

    Shipping time for warranty parts from 3DR

    Hi All, Would like to ask, how long usually it takes 3DR to ship parts in case of warranty accident. Had a crash, 3DR wrote they will ship my warranty replacement motors on 21 Jan 2016 and "You will receive an email confirmation along with tracking number once the order ships to you.", but...