waiting for solo

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    Disconnect from controller upon take off and calibration

    My solo sometimes takes forever to Sync with controller on power on and when it does everything is fine until I take off or if i have to mess with the gimbal will disconnect. Any help or thoughts on what might be causing this if it’s something internally loose I should check or replace. Is...
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    waiting for solo

    I got solo drone 7 days ago. At first everything is normal, but after update, the controller cannot connect to solo drone, and always shows waiting for solo. And also shows Controller stick. I have try every way such like reset drone or controller, and use putty to reset controller, however the...
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    Waiting for Solo

    Ok here it goes... Initially I had an issue with the controller, and talked to 3DR support and got that fixed. Finally a week later, and ready to fly again, now a different issue..."Waiting for Solo". Would love to talk to 3DR, but they're closed on weekends (feel like I could start another...