tower app

  1. C

    Tower and Solo apps

    Does anyone have extensive experience with Tower that can maybe explain what happened? Here goes: I was testing out the Tower app and had loaded a survey grid, launched and solo went up to about 30 feet and hovered but did not continue on its mission. I couln't figure out if there was another...
  2. june03dr

    Help with tower app

    need some help guys. So I decided to send my solo out for a 4 mile trip. Heard others saying she can do it so i wanted to try it out over farm land. So i went in the tower app made sure parameters were set for the drone to keep on with mission both settings to number 2. Then i uploaded waypoints...
  3. Xavier Arthur

    FAILED Tower Advanced Return To Home Parameter........Help

    So i changed the parameter in Tower so that Solo can spin before returning home.......i uploaded it to my drone & Solo still reverses home........anyone knows why it wont work? Links for WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR parameter: VALUE MEANING 0 Never change yaw 1 Face next waypoint 2 Face next waypoint except...
  4. MaYHeM.vapes

    3DR Instructional Videos

    I recently started making youtube videos covering a huge range of things, if some of you would like to check it out they can be found here 3DR Solo Instructional Videos - YouTube
  5. W

    Tower and ZTE Zmax

    The Tower app will not display a map on my ZTE Zmax Android 4.4.4 phone. Droid Planner 2 will not display a map either. The Google Maps App works fine, and I can see my location is being shared with the Tower App. I don't want to buy a tablet if I don't have to, any suggestions?
  6. SkyDoctor

    Anyone know how to use google Cardboard in the Tower app?

    When I connect the New version of the Tower app V3.2.1 to my Solo, the google cardboard icon appears at the bottom of the Video screen next to the camera and Video icons. However, when I tap the google cardboard icon the phone exits the Tower app and opens the google play store. This happens...
  7. DroneNerd702

    Tower app. Input GPS coordinate.

    Guys, sorry if this question has already been asked elsewhere. I did a search and reviewed other posts but didn't come across anything similar to what I need. Also viewed YouTube tutorials but, still, same thing. This is what I need. I have State Plane coordinates which I need to convert to Lat...
  8. B

    Tower or Mission planner

    looking at adapting a solo for Ag use, needing it to fly a survey pattern back and fourth taking pictures. I use a Surface pro 3 with Mission Planner to fly a fixed wing Ag drone It has a pixhawk with a 915 MHz radio this gives it a 2.5 mile range. From the research I've done you can only use...
  9. L

    Flying low over water.

    I am looking to use the tower app to fly a mission over lake water at about 4-10 feet. Does anyone have experience with this and do you thing it can maintain satellite lock at such a low height. Also has anyone tried flying this low over water without the tower app?