1. Maddog

    Prop adapter needed

    I need a T-motor M6 CW short prop adapter (PA029). Checked online today and yesterday and could not find anyone who had one in stock. Thanks!
  2. scottygofast

    So I'm building a project ship...

    Hi there everyone. I haven't posted much but have greatly appreciated everyones' time and effort they have put into sharing their information and knowledge with everyone else on here. So I let a friend stay in my shop where my solo was sitting ready to go on the workbench. He had flown a...
  3. RolandS888

    Motors Swapped to T-Motor 2216-12 800kV

    Well, I have proven one thing, the stock motors are NOISEY!! Changed the motors to T-Motor 2216 800kV and spun them up and they are smoooooth as. Night and day difference to the stock motors. Vibes are GONE. Actually, the vibes were competely gone without the self tightening prop adapters, once...